Hospitality Rocks

You know just as well as we do how hectic the festive period can be, leaving very little time for you to have the Christmas celebration you deserve. The answer? A Christmas party in January, and we’ve found just the one: Hospitality Rocks.


In collaboration with QEC and Turkish Exporters’ Assembly, we would like to invite you to a “Meet the Suppliers” day in London on Wednesday the 5th of December where you will have the chance to speak directly with leading Turkish manufacturers of fabrics for interiors such as upholstery, drapery, velvet, vinyl fabrics, embroidery, jacquard and guipure, as well as home & hospitality textile; bed sheets, linens, towels, bathrobes, duvets, rugs, bathroom mats, pillows, mattress ticks, …

Hospitality Rocks

You know just as well as we do how hectic the festive period can be, leaving very little time for you to have the Christmas celebration you deserve. The answer? A Christmas party in January, and we’ve found just the one: Hospitality Rocks.

Whether you’re a chef, event planner, caterer, event supplier or production staff, Hospitality Rocks gives you the opportunity to let your hair down after working tirelessly throughout the year, while raising money for an industry charity. So for once you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the best food, theming and entertainment organised just for you.

Is upholstered furniture the key to improving guest experience?

We’ve noticed a trend recently, and it’s not a great trend, it’s the uncomfortable furniture that’s sweeping across bars and restaurants.

In today’s fast-paced world this is entirely by design. There’s only so long a person can sit on a metal stool making them perfect for busy spaces where fast turnover is key and are a godsend for being easy to clean and replace. But for more laid back spaces where customer experience is prized, they simply don’t work.

Faux Translucent Stone

Faux Translucent Stone is an exotic collection of extremely elegant and highly attractive translucent material, for interior use. More than just an imitation of alabaster and onyx, these sheets offer versatility, lighter weight and more exquisite patterns than even the natural product.Each sheet is hand-made to an individual and unique beauty; there are no repeat patterns. Hotels, retail, offices, spas, airports, hospitals, restaurants and yachts are but a few of the applications where this versatile material can be used. Whether as furniture, wall cladding or decorative installations, this innovative material is suitable for fabricating and installing into modern or classical interiors.

Designer finishes

Welcoming ambiance is highly sought after when designing hospitality interiors. Homely decor can soon be chilled by the use of clinical colours where you have little choice of ironmongery for fire doors.
Following extensive surveys of interior design, Rutland UK’s specialist door closers are now available with choice of warm bronze finishes.

A bedstretch pillowshelf® can make your beds the biggest in the uk in minutes

Hampshire based Bedstretch Ltd, are now promoting their PillowShelf® bed extension technology to the small and medium sized hotel sector.  You will have the biggest beds in the country for £100 per bed, and they will look sensational. 

Wherever you are in the world we can deliver right to your door. BERTHA

BERTHA charcoal ovens are now being fired up in kitchens all around the world. From 5 star hotels in Dubai to the steak houses of New York, the BERTHA is being enjoyed the world over. And with distribution available anywhere in the world there’s no reason you can’t join the BERTHA revolution today.

Specialized in the manufacture of high quality custom-made furniture

Our company is specialized in the manufacture of high quality custom-made furniture, loose furniture and procurement as well as manufacturing furniture all of a high level. All at a very competitive price. Our products are exclusively made in Estonia. as well as other parts of Europe and China depending on your budget and requirements. We have been exporting and supplying Contract Companies our products all over the world for years and they are used to furnish the most exclusive hotels, cafes, restaurants and residential apartments

Polished concrete: cost-effective, high-end finish.

If you are laying a new concrete floor or have an existing concrete subfloor, you don’t need to cover it. The cement, sand and stone can be ground and polished to a terrazzo type finish for a cost-effective alternative to marble, terrazzo and granite and can result in a high-end, durable floor. The composition of the concrete will naturally dictate the finished result.

Light & Living

Light & Living is a wholesale concept of Lightmakers B.V. Originally we started as a manufacturer of lampshades. In recent years our collection has grown into a total concept to include decorative lighting, home accessories and furniture. At Light & Living we know better than anyone else how you can create atmosphere.

ZEN air curtain

Aware of the importance that the visual impact has in current society, Airtècnics have managed to combine to perfection the highest technology with the more exclusive beauty.


A personalized customer experience from the first reservation until customer loyalty is established.

2018 is the year of development at Wellis again!

In the space of just a few short years, Wellis has become one of the world’s influential manufacturers of hot tubs and spas.Wellis produce products that are certified to meet or exceed German TUV quality standards using the most modern robot technology.