Improving Interior Character through Screening

Screening is playing an increasingly central role in the management of light, air quality and thermal gain in the hospitality sector. In addition to traditional HVAC solutions, environmental management at the opening can vastly improve interior climate and patron comfort.

Don’t lose out due to expensive limescale build up!

It is estimated that hard water is responsible for up to 70% of equipment failure, be it a coffee machine, vending machine, steam oven and a wide range of catering equipment.

At Monarch Water we understand that, if using hard water, equipment such as; Combi Steam Ovens, Pasta Cookers, Boilers and Bratt Pans will suffer from a build-up of limescale and this may eventually lead to failure, resulting in expensive breakdowns and unwanted machine downtime.

Bulldog Energy Drink

Bulldog Energy Drink was launched in 2011 and sold nationally primarily through independent retailers and some multiples. The Bulldog brand has become synonymous with a quality British Product.

After seeing good growth and maturity, in 2016 the team at Bulldog embarked on a journey to overhaul and reposition the brand. With an aim to attract a wider and new consumer base including the targeting of a more mature demographic.

Coo-Var’s Latest Attraction

Pro-Netic is a new addition to the Coo-Var specialist paint range, A Water Based, Magnetic Chalkboard Paint in one!

Coo-Var has been a manufacturer of specialist problem solving paint products since 1908, based in Hull, East Yorkshire. They have seen continual growth and investment in both manufacturing and staff resources. Paints ranging from Floor, Sport and Line Marking paints through to specialist paints such as Anti-Condensation, Varnishes and Oils. Coo-Var products enhance Safety and Security, as well as the appearance.


I t’s not just the decor that gives a venue that certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’. Great bedding and towelling can help transform the mediocre into the extraordinary too.

For instance, the 650gsm natural combed cotton towels manufactured from 100% premium cotton yarn are surprisingly strong and hard wearing, the combing process removes all impurities, which is up to 24% of what would normally remain in an ordinary towel. It’s no wonder they have such a thick and soft pile, making them ideal for the hotel trade.

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