40 years of delivering excellence to the Fast Food Industry

Sparks Catering Butchers Ltd, are delighted to announce a year of celebration in 2015 to mark the anniversary of their 40th birthday. One of the most respected distributors to the Fast Food and Hospitality Industry in London and the South East they have always strived to deliver the best quality products. This strategy has led to tremendous sales growth and a very loyal customer base. The distinctive Sparks branded box has an unparalleled position in its market place and is proud to have helped change the somewhat frowned upon perception of the humble beef burger. The Sparks green tape burger as it is widely known has a unique flavour and uses a secret recipe formula which is both consistent and thoroughly tasty, it has grown into a “must have” brand and is sold through many independent wholesalers throughout the UK and indeed worldwide and growth outstrips all industry data and sales forecasts.

Another celebration and a perfect example of their commitment to quality in practise is the 15th birthday of sister company The Burger Manufacturing Company Ltd (BMC) who were formed in 2000 in a purpose built manufacturing plant in Mid Wales to supply John Sparks (owner and founder) who was increasingly frustrated at the quality and consistency of product that he was receiving from his existing supplier. Today BMC turns over in excess of £9 million and has wholesalers strategically placed around the UK, Europe and the Middle East. BMC’s own brand beef burger widely known as “the pink tape” has transformed the bland and tarnished image of the humble quarter pounder and taken it back to a respectable and quality offering which is still extremely good value for money.

To celebrate this momentous occasion both companies will be launching a range of Premium Beef Burgers which will compliment any menu or specials board. The range includes the products below and is available through your normal distribution channel from Monday 6th April 2015.

95% Kobe Style Premium Steak Burger 282g and 170g

(Our steak burger is made from Wagyu beef a Japanese native breed which is widely acknowledged as the finest beef in the world. Its unique flavour and subtle texture make it the king of all burgers)

95% Aberdeen Angus Steak Burger 282g and 170g

(Our 100% farm assured steak burger is sourced from certified UK breeders and only the finest cuts are used to create this lean and tender burger)

90% Halal Chipotle Beef Burger 170g and 113g

(This unique burger uses our premium recipe and a bespoke chipotle seasoning which gives it a delicate “smoky” flavour and a definite kick !!)

90% Halal Premium Thick Beef Burger 170g

(This thick burger is designed to give you the option to create your own mark on it. You will need to flatten the burger to your required thickness which will also give it a ragged and home made look. The quality of meat used will also leave your customers thinking that you have made it by hand)

90% Halal Premium Beef Burger 113g

(As above but a conventional fast food burger shape with the quality you would expect of a more expensive restaurant burger)

Both company websites will be updated too and will carry more news on upcoming celebratory events. For information www.qualityburgers.co.uk and www.sparkscatering.co.uk

40th-CrestJohn Sparks determination in 2000 to oversee the production of his own product was a brave one but one which has seen justified benefits and rewards and has created a platform for which both companies can use their knowledge and experience to break into new markets and continue to serve the Fast Food market with the best burger available to buy.

To contact us to discuss any of the above or to become a customer of either company contact us on 01982 551713.

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