Charging and audio at the nightstand.

Clock radios offer an essential service to guests with multiple portable devices.

What is one of the first things guests look for when they arrive in the guest room? Somewhere to charge their phone or tablet perhaps? Guests arrive with numerous portable devices and finding a USB socket is an ideal solution as it is a recognisable and universal charging source. All that is needed to start charging is the cable. Adding an alarm clock or Bluetooth speaker is a simple way to provide charging and audio at the nightstand…. exactly where your guests need it.

TeleAdapt has a range of alarm clocks, radios and Bluetooth speakers with USB charging, audio and additional features designed for hotels. Our products are designed or re-engineered to be hotel specific models and have several advantages over standard retail units. Here is a quick overview of a variety of features that make a hotel specific model. Not all alarm clocks are made equal.


Now your guest’s device is charging and they can relax. USB sockets on a clock are easy to find and access, with many offering twin sockets with 2.1A for faster charging. Guests can leave their phone charging by their side and wake to a fully charged battery.

Bluetooth audio

Time to enjoy their personal music content. Bluetooth is proving to be the connectivity source of choice but as a hotel you need to think about Bluetooth security. How to reduce the chance of a returning guest accidentally re-pairing to a device that is not in their current room.

Easy to set single day alarm

Single day or a single set alarm will only go off once, preventing a previously set alarm from disturbing future guests.


Security lanyard attached to the unit is then screwed into furniture to help prevent theft. Simple but effective.

Maximum volume limit

Hotel models have a reduced maximum volume compared to standard retail models. We have models of various sizes and speaker output, it is sound quality over max volume that is important.

Dimmable time display

Many hotels like to display the time in the guest-room. With the time removed from most TV’s a clock by the nightstand that is in reach of the guest is a logical place.  Check the device has a multi position dimmer that can be turned fully off.

Or choose a timeless design classic

If you are looking for something special TeleAdapt offers the Desire range of alarm clocks from Oliver Hemming, these finely detailed alarm clocks have been approved by the some of the world’s finest hoteliers.

TeleAdapt specialize in guest connectivity and have a range of solutions for helping guests to use their devices in the guest-room and public areas. Please contact us for further information or to confirm the specification of individual models. Specify hotel features that assist your guests and make life a little easier as a hotelier.

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