EuroCave is constantly seeking ways of storing wines in the best possible conditions and one of our best products for this is the INOA Cellar Conditioner and the ModuloTheque wine racking system.

Last year, EuroCave worked alongside Wine by Design in providing the cellar conditioning and wine storage for the incredible Wine Cellar at Till House in London.  This is a domestic project but works excellently when used in a commercial environment such as the Peninsula Hotel in Paris.

The ModuloTheque wine racking system is a flat packed, self-assembly product built out of solid oak to give a timeless traditional feel to your wine cellar area.

As it is modular, the ModuloTheque comes with many different parts including storage shelves, cross modules, a bar/tasting area, lockable gates and many more.

It is a product which can create a bespoke wine cellar feel in a self-assembly product.

To go alongside the ModuloTheque racking we have the brilliant INOA cellar conditioner which can create cellar like conditions in any type of insulated space (subject to terms) By continuously circulating cold air around the bottles it maintains the perfect cellar environment. The INOA heats as well as cools and is the perfect addition to your wine cellar.