In these modern times space is becoming an expensive commodity.

Having a pool table at home means often a sort of luxury dream not affordable for the most of us. Fusiontables’s design project could probably invite pure pool players and contemporary design fans to be reconciled to play pool at home again.

The Belgian Salic producing the most used competition billiard balls for several decades under the trade mark ARAMITH launched recently a very modern pool table able to move up and down to reach the correct pool or dining table conventional levels.  They manage to hide totally a real slate pool table of 400kg into a minimalistic dining table frame in various metal, wood and cloth finishing’s.

The powder coated steel  legs and frame are sleek enough to cover up its traditional pool tracks, the extending nylon pockets are just invisible as long a you don’t play and the art-of-state veneered wood cover gives you a nice elegance feeling.

The most eye-catching and exclusive one is obviously the Veuve Clicquot limited edition. This Yellow black tagged model has been designed to celebrate the famous Veuve Clicquot champagne brand and is a symbol of the meeting between two passionate pioneers: the French luxury wines producer and the Belgian smart furniture manufacturer invited both new ways to consider their work.

However you don’t like the yellow high gloss cover, you will enjoy mat black, white lacquered or even oak, walnut natural, smooth and sober finishing’s.

This year Fusiontables has launched further other items on the design branch like the multifunctional led lighting system and the Fusion sideboard to complete the dining room concept.

With its collection Fusiontables will definitely satisfy your taste for amazing contemporary interior and your urge to live precious moments with your friends or family. So turn off your TV or computer to come back to pure and relaxing sensations.

You will find a table configurator and a UK dealer’s locator on


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