Kingston’s new DoubleTree Hilton welcomes LED filament lighting

Efficient lighting technology reduces energy and maintenance costs without compromising on style.

Your future depends on WiFi

Technology has become very important in maintaining guest satisfaction. WiFi is no longer portrayed as a commodity or IT based cost. It is also no longer a perk for tech-savvy or business customers. It is a must-have for every hotel and your future depends on it.

Atkinson & Kirby creates a great reception for customers at the Abode Hotel Manchester

The Abode Manchester is a luxury hotel situated in the thriving Manchester city centre, being housed in a 19th century textile factory, adding to the unique essence of its environment.

Contract interiors specialist Gradus can help protect interiors with its new range of PVC-u wall cladding.

Forming part of Gradus Wall Protection Systems, the SureProtect PVC-u sheet offer provides a durable, defensive layer that has been designed to protect large surface areas from scuffs, scrapes and impact damage. It delivers a cost effective way to reduce the need to repair and repaint wall and door surfaces, and optimises the appearance retention of the building interior.

Cortec LED is UK manufacture of backlit illuminated marble and LED

Cortec LED is UK manufacture of backlit illuminated marble and LED illuminated text and signage. is now live introducing the advanced laser technology and LED products.

MAXIMISE YOUR OUTDOOR DINING SPACE THIS AUTUMN How canopies can help you meet the growing appetite for al fresco dining – all year round

With the popularity of outdoor dining on the rise, creating an al fresco experience is fast becoming a priority within the hospitality industry.

Executive Chef Gary Foulkes of Michelin-starred restaurant

Executive Chef Gary Foulkes of Michelin-starred restaurant Angler has created a fantastic ‘Taste of Autumn’ menu. Available Monday to Friday for dinner only, the 4-course set menu is priced at £45 per person and showcases the seasonal produce of autumn.

Door closers maintain Kipling’s spirit

Samuel Heath’s Powermatic controlled, concealed door closers have been used by the Rocco Forte group to retain the high-end aesthetics of rooms and suites at Brown’s Hotel, one of London’s most elegant boutique residences.


Quality disposables manufacturer and supplier, Herald has finalised terms to position itself as the UK’s sole supplier of edible straws. The company is now launching the exclusive product range, to the UK market, with the expectation that it will create a stir across the entertainment and leisure sectors. Target markets include bars, festivals, events, hotels, restaurants, clubs and pubs.

Berendsen to open new linen processing facility in Glasgow

Construction work at Berendsen’s new hospitality linen processing site in Glasgow is proceeding apace.

In a move that represents an investment in Scotland of more than £10 million in 2017, the plant will further enhance the hotel and restaurant linen services it provides to its customers across Scotland. The site will be exclusively fitted out with brand-new, state of the art machinery and equipment in a modern, spacious building.


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Beauty is hard to describe. Putting words to the ethereal is not easy to do. When you see a home, a room, or a piece of luxury furniture that’s perfectly proportioned, you just know it. You feel it’s beauty.

How small plates + technology = casual dining success

Small plate service is revolutionising the way people dine today. Tapas-style service is not just great for customers, it’s good for operations, with lower food costs, good turnover of ingredients and a higher spend.

But with a huge menu and a real need for speed to keep customers happy, making a success of the small plate revolution needs some nifty technology.

Interior design in perfection

Jung exclusively offers the classic LS 990 switch in Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier. Le Corbusier is one of the most famous architects of the 20th century. The colour scheme used in buildings and the effect of colour were as important to him as the layout or the design. He thus established over several decades a colour system which is still unique to this day.

Maximising Revenue for Hotel Grounds

With warmer British summers, there is an opportunity to maximise the use of outdoor spaces, with beautifully landscaped grounds to add appeal to a hotel as a wedding venue. Follies or garden temples create a grand focal point perfect for a grand outdoor wedding.