Switchable Technology: Set to revolutionise the hospitality industry

Themes are an important aspect of business that are common to the hospitality sector. Many industries such as hotels, restaurants and clubs often capitalise on a theme to attract customers, and in many cases, themes of extravagance and luxury are usually high on the agenda.

Former Gordon Ramsay chef opens new Oxford Blue gastropub illuminated by Bright Goods LED filament lamps

LED Eco Lights today announced that its Bright Goods LED filament lamps have been installed throughout the newly refurbished and prestigious Oxford Blue gastropub, to create a traditional atmosphere with efficient lighting technology.

Panasonic enters accelerated cooking arena

Panasonic will be revealing its new Speed Convection Oven at the Commercial Kitchen trade show in Birmingham on 6-7 June at the NEC Birmingham.

Winterhalter goes undercounter for new hybrid

Winterhalter’s new undercounter warewasher, the UC Excellence iPlus, uses a new hybrid technology that combines reverse osmosis (RO) and a water softener. This is intended to prevent blockages of the RO membrane and extend membrane life.

CDS-Wilman kits out Manchester hotel for banquets

Manchester-based distributor CDS-Wilman has recently completed a £250,000 refurbishment of the nearby Midland Hotel, to ensure it can continue to serve up to 900 covers.

Meat Euro Catering’s new cooler

Catering equipment supplier, Euro Catering, has introduced dry-ageing equipment suitable for butchers, upmarket restaurants and artisan food producers wishing to make their meat a talking point.

Blanco polishes up front of house cooking options

German-based catering equipment manufacturer Blanco has upgraded its Frontcooking-Station mobile cooking unit.

Introducing our New Canape, Manapes and Bowls Menus

We have updated our Canapes, Manapes and Bowls Menus – ready for a busy 2017. While the menus still have our firm favourites we have also included a few new dishes – including our Manape Range – which are already proving to be very popular.


Whether a higher-end designer or not, it would surprise me if you haven’t heard a client or person ask the question “can’t we get exactly the same look with less expensive furniture?”  It seems even the most discerning and sophisticated clients occasionally ask the question.

Acoustic Solutions

Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics, understand the science of acoustics, but more importantly we pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to control levels of acoustic ambient noise.

Why Hotels Should Specify Living Walls

Hotels across the UK have some great environmental and social initiatives in place, but how do they tell their customers about them?  Many sustainability and green messages fall by the wayside – lost in the standard paperwork of the hotel experience – menus, do not disturb signs and in-house print. 

CHARLES – design Roberto de Lorenzo 2016

Charles is inspired by the shape of the egg, the symbol of perfection and example of lightness; the result is an elegant model, comfortable and delicate, where curved and straight lines coexist harmoniously.

Your local florist nationally.

Welcome to UHSFlowerz.

Your one-stop fresh flower supply service for your tables and bars, brought to you by Leaflike. Currently supplying fresh flowers to major hotel brands and restaurant chains across the UK on a regular basis to enhance guest’s dining experience. Utilising the UK’s extensive courier network, we are able to deliver to all corners of the country whilst maintaining quality and freshness in our flowers through our own unique packaging innovation. You’ll be impressed!

Cult Furniture

Refurbishing? Revamping? Or just looking for an easy update? Cult Furniture’s the place to find designer-inspired furniture and accessories for your commercial space, without any crazy price tags.

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