Save money, earn money – and help the environment

Are you looking for ways to save money or earn money while you protect the planet and enhance your guest experience?

Then here are two suggestions: Zypho and Andersen EV.

Zypho is a heat recovery device that reduces shower water heating bills by up to 30 per cent, improves energy efficiency and cuts carbon footprints.

Zypho is installed under a shower tray or a bathtub, becoming part of the drainage system and allowing around 10°C from the shower water that passes through the device to be recovered.

The recovered heat is then transferred to the cold-water mains before arriving at the shower tap mixer already preheated, meaning less hot water is required to reach the optimum shower temperature.

“As a completely passive technology, Zypho is one of the simplest and safest ways to save money and reduce energy consumption, recovering wasted heat energy with each and every shower. Neither your shower temperature nor your shower time has to change, and once installed, Zypho is not visible in your shower or bath.” Says founder José Meliço.

Zypho is suitable for any building with high shower usage, such as hotels, gyms, hospitals, and other businesses looking to cut their carbon footprint and energy usage.

Zypho has gained international performance and compliance certifications in 10 different countries and its technology is compatible with shower systems around the world. 10,000 Zypho units are already installed in 15 countries (including the UK) across 4 continents, and the technology is patented internationally.


Andersen EV is a super–stylish, super-fast Electric Vehicle charging unit that allows you to make money while helping your guests reduce their CO2 emissions.

The Andersen EV A2 is a Three-Phase charger, with an output of 22kW – allowing it to charge most modern EVs to 80% in just 30 minutes. It also has the ability to connect to solar panels – making it truly carbon-zero and allowing you to power it for free.

The A2 is fully Konnect enabled, allowing you to control, monitor and manage your units

from our mobile app. The Konnect app include information on current charging status, live energy usage, charge cost, and time until fully charged. It also allows you to lock or unlock the unit, cutting off or enabling power to the charging cables remotely.  For hotels, social clubs, and businesses hosting an Andersen EV A2 charge point, the Konnect app also provides information and management of grid load-balancing. Using this feature, the venue management can control how much power the charging points are drawing, ensuring that their grid isn’t overloaded.

It can also be used to ensure that all the connected vehicles are charged as quickly and efficiently as possible, while allowing for specific vehicles to be prioritised should the need arise. This can be very useful if they have a guest, client or employee in need of a full charge in a short period of time, while another may not need their vehicle for several hours.

With an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 65, the A2 is built with safety and reliability in mind. It can handle pretty much any weather, from freezing temperatures of -20°C to tropical 40°C heat and up to 95% humidity.

All of Andersen EV’s charging points have a focus on design – from the compact, low-profile chassis to the discrete indicator lights on the front of the unit – every aspect of these charging points has been meticulously crafted.

Customers can also customise their unit in a range of colours and either wood or brushed metal finishes to suit the architectural style of your building and ensure they enhance the design, not detract from it.

For peace of mind, all Andersen EV charging chassis are covered by a lifetime guarantee, and they’ll take care of all installation and servicing. The units are connected to the cloud via a WiFi connection, allowing Andersen EV to spot any potential faults before they happen, sending engineers to fix the issue before it becomes a problem.