Sir William Bentley Billiards

Beautiful bespoke billiards tables for Snooker, Pool and dual-purpose dining – handmade in the UK – for outright purchase or rental

Specialist dealers in fine Antique Billiard tables and makers of the world’s most beautiful bespoke Billiard, Snooker, Pool and dual-purpose dining tables. Sir William Bentley Billiards is a family-run business, that began almost 40 years ago, with the restoration of Antique billiard tables, and has gone on to earn a worldwide reputation for making bespoke tables, lighting and accessories of the very highest quality.

Widely known within the Interior design industry, many of our tables are uniquely specified by top Interior Designers and their clients. As a result, the table designs have become increasingly diverse and contemporary, and the finishes and attention to detail are subject to the scrutiny of this most discerning audience. The appeal to these clients is clear – every table is meticulously made to match the interior design of the property it’s being made for.

In recent years, making tables for luxury property developments and boutique hotels, we’ve been asked to make our unique tables available on a rental or sale or return basis, which has been a great success – allowing the developers to furnish their property with stunning pieces of furniture, and hotels and bars to offer a luxury feature – beautifully suited to their space – with no capital outlay.

So, whether your property needs a designer pool or snooker table or a stunning dual-purpose dining table – perhaps to turn your function room into a dual-purpose billiard room – get in touch with us today.

We are committed to providing a truly bespoke, personalised service & producing tables, accessories and lighting of the very highest quality. Every piece is handmade in England, by our craftsmen, to the client’s individual specifications and delivered & installed by our expert fitters.

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