The Best Coffee for your Office

With coffee’s massive popularity it is becoming more difficult to offer a lower quality cup. There are an abundance of high quality equipment options and ingredients available to businesses and the general public, which, as a result, has led the consumer to become more aware about what makes a cup of coffee better. So, when you’re choosing how to offer coffee in the workplace, it is paramount that you consider the options, a make a confident selection, to reward your staff with the most delicious flavour. See  Bibium’s commercial coffee machines.

Firstly, is one of the most well-regarded corporate machines, the WMF 1500 S.

The German manufactured machine is popular due to its wide accessibility and high quality output. It uses a touch screen interface with a variety of easy milk options that allows making a cortado or a macchiato simple for all. The screen itself can be customised to allow for 48 different and personalised drinks. It is a medium capacity machine that works best for up to 200 cups a day whilst also maintaining refined and notably slim design. The 1500 S has illuminated sides depending on which mode is in use as well as being simple to maintain and refill that will help all users feel totally confident in its operation.

The second machine from WMF is the 1100 S.

Despite its smaller capacity at around 80 cups a day, it has extra features than the previous model that, alongside the benefit of the cost, it is certainly worth considering. Offering a touchscreen display, this model allows for intuitive swipes and gestures, as well as a phone app integration. Using the WMF app, users can customise their coffee order exactly how they like it to be requested from the machine. There is also a Click & Clean function that allows the machine to clean itself to a high standard and a low energy mode to improve its usage. In addition it maintains the sleek and classy design typical of WMF. There’s also an optional hot chocolate addition!

Thirdly, there is the Jura X8.

A Swiss machine that places emphasis on the flavour. It has a dual spout for greater foam quality as well as the option to make two drinks simultaneously. Not only will that save time, but the X8 can also make coffee in under 40 seconds! Equipped with Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process, the machine uses short bursts of pressure when making short drinks, such as an espresso, to assist a fuller flavour. They also use their own AromaG3 grinder, which boasts an unbeatable extraction quality. One major benefit is the option to have the machine run portably, from its own five litre tank, or to be plumbed removing any need to refill the water. It is compatible with Jura’s coffee app, allowing for the same customisation options that WMF offer right from your phone.

Fourthly, is the Schaerer Coffee Prime, another Swiss-made contender.

The Coffee Prime has a similar capacity to the 1500 S, at up to 180 cups a day. This machine actually cleans itself, keeping the upkeep required for quality coffee to a minimum. The Coffee Prime is incredibly cheap to run and Schaerer reduce energy consumption by adding better insulation to the boiler than competitors and by using LED lighting. The entirely customisable touch screen allows for up to 40 personalised drinks, or, if you’re looking to charge for drinks, you can display advertisements and prices. The reviews of the Coffee Prime and many other Schaerer models almost always discuss the excellent standard of manufacturing, which is certainly something to consider when making an investment like this.

Finally, the Coffetek Vitro X3.

This machine’s strengths are in the simplicity and attractiveness of its design. From the customisable lighting to the bold interface it will be a welcome presence in the office as well as very simple to use. It loses a few of the fancier features of the other machines but its known for its reliability and durability. It offers loose leaf tea brewing, cutting down on waste whilst offering a more delicious tea. The Vitro X3 is a user friendly and excellent coffee machine.

If you are looking for more information as well as a place to get started then visit Bibium to help guide you further through the selection process. You will be able to see more detailed specifications and reviews, allowing you to make the most considered choice and for your office to receive the best cup of coffee.