The new urban style quartz worksurface from COMPAC

COMPAC are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technological quartz and technological marble worksurfaces.

The company’s products feature in many of the world’s leading hotels. Whether installed in lobbies, bars & restaurants ,reception areas, staircases, gyms, bathrooms or bedrooms their beauty is matched by their functionality, longevity and low level maintenance requirements.

COMPAC, inspired by America’s New York loft culture, have been able to create a fusion between architecture, design and functionality to offer the New York Collection.

A totally new quartz worksurface that has its own unique urban style combined with a minimalistic open approach to modern living.

Silky, soft and sensuous to the touch, the New York Collection will excite and stimulate the senses and features three urban concept colours – White Zement, Ice Zement and Grey Zement.

Each colour has an innovative perfect glacé finish, unique to COMPAC, which highlights the colour, depth and definition of grain and offers less reflection than other quartz worksurfaces. It’s easy to clean and maintain too.

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AMA from COMPAC – the essence of American nature

The AMA Collection from COMPAC – a completely new, innovative quartz worksurface which takes its design heritage from the diverse wonders found in America’s great natural parks.

The three colours in the collection, White AMA, Black AMA and Brown AMA evoke the textures and patterns created by the powerful rivers that run through the mountains, forests and plains which have such a profound influence on their natural surroundings.

With a unique rich veined design, strong in character yet sensuous as nature intended, each one of the AMA Collection has a perfect polished finish which is easy to clean and maintain and will provide any environment with light, harmony and a natural peace.

The AMA Collection from COMPAC – the essence of American nature.

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Love at first touch from COMPAC

COMPAC’s new glacé finish features on eight of their popular quartz worksurface colours including: Absolute Blanc, Botticino, Carrara, Cool Grey and Perlino and it’s also available on their latest quartz worksurface – the New York Collection.

This innovative glacé finish, exclusively developed by COMPAC, not only delivers the same porosity as the traditional gloss finish making it hygienic and easy to clean, each worksurface also has a beautiful silky smooth and sensuous feel to the touch.

The colour and grain of the worksurface is more enhanced creating a magical 3D appearance.

Glacé from COMPAC – Love at first touch

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Stunning quartz washroom surfaces from COMPAC

TREND is part of an innovative technological quartz worksurface and flooring collection from COMPAC which is ideal for a wide range of applications including washrooms for health and sports centres, hotels and spar’s.

COMPAC’s renowned engineering skills have achieved a virtually zero porosity surface without the need for antibacterial chemicals; technological quartz comprises 93 – 95% natural quartz – one of the finest and most durable natural materials. This versatile, high performance product maintains extraordinary hardness, resistance to abrasion and importantly, is easy to clean and maintain.

Delivering excellent whole life costings, all quartz worksurfaces from COMPAC will enhance any project and provides the designer with a stunning and versatile material to work with.

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Marble by design

COMPAC have, by using advanced manufacturing techniques, produced   ‘technological marble’- an engineered stone composite which has the look and feel of natural marble but with properties that eradicate many of the problems associated with it.

Containing up to 96% natural marble mixed with resins, COMPAC’s technological marble has a wonderful consistent, uniform appearance and can be fitted to large surfaces without breaks or differences in colour tone being noticeable.

Its porosity is practically zero therefore absorption of water and other liquids is minimal- achieving a hygienic product that is both easy to clean and maintain.

It is a versatile too with a wide range of colours, textures and sizes available. It can be used on kitchen and bathroom floors, walls, vanity tops, building façades, staircases, fireplaces and on high footfall surfaces such as hotels, airports, rail stations, shopping malls and public buildings.

COMPAC’s technological marble was recently specified for the Europa 2 Cruise Ship where its natural beauty, ease of installation and energy saving weight were key factors.

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