Cut the Cost of Kitchen Waste with Kingspan Environmental’s Smart Food Waste Digesters

David Anderson, Kingspan Environmental’s Business Unit Director for Service and Monitoring looks at the growing problem of responsible disposal of food waste for commercial kitchens.

Food waste is fast becoming a major issue for the catering industry.

Landfill costs, which currently cost the average kitchen thousands of pounds every year will only continue to rise, while maceration has been outlawed across the majority of the country1. All this adds up to a large and expensive problem for kitchen owners.

Waste2-O is a proven fast, efficient and easy to use way to deal with food waste. It’s a tried and tested, cost-effective alternative to bagging, macerating or composting food waste. Food is loaded into the top of the unit and a powerful formulation of micro-organisms rapidly digest it producing a totally neutral, greywater solution. Any food that humans can typically digest can be put through the unit.

In just 24 hours, a single Waste2-O unit can turn 180kg of food into waste water, suitable for discharging through the drain and removing the need to send it to landfill.

Waste2-O can also help kitchens drive greater efficiencies by eliminating the time taken for staff to bag and bin food waste, creating savings which can feed straight back to the bottom line.

Not only will Waste2-O save you thousands of pounds, it will safeguard your establishment against future legal clamp-downs around waste disposal.

iFOG is another intelligent system for waste removal that uses naturally-occurring micro-organisms to eat the fat, oil and grease which builds up in kitchen drains. Its high-performance, multi-strain bacteria are scientifically proven to be highly effective at digesting different types of fats and oils from a wide range of food-stuffs.

iFOG was Highly Commended in the Sustainable Catering Equipment Award category at the recent CESA Awards 2014.

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