1. Eliot’s is the leading UK on-trade brand of mulled wine and other hot-served bar drinks and is recognised and asked for by consumers.
  2. The range includes Eliot’s Spicy Cider and Eliot’s Winter Warmer (a hot cherry punch) in addition to the traditional Eliot’s mulled wine.
  3. Eliot’s is only sold to the on-trade – you’ll not find them anywhere on the High Street.
  4. Available in a range of ideal bag in box formats – 3 litre (the Famous Eliot’s tubes) , plus 10 litre and 20 litre boxes.

  1. Consistent quality, great tasting, proven sellers and fully ready mixed. Just heat and serve
  1. Quick to serve with no waste and no prep – for those demanding high footfall, want it now, Christmas parties
  1. Make more valuable use of your chef’s time and talents – don’t waste Chef on simply making mulled wine or trying to make up a hot cherry punch or a mulled cider of unknown flavour or alcohol content
  1. Easy to upsell by pairing an Eliot’s drink with a snack for more, easy to win, margin!  Add a mince pie to mulled wine, an apple pie to Spicy Cider or a cherry bakewell to a winter warmer.
  1. Available from over 40 good drink wholesalers throughout the UK  and approximately 10,000 pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants in the UK
  1. Point of sale posters and table talkers provided free on request if you really need any help in selling it!













Recently introduced, following a successful market trial in 2015, is a 12.5% ABV Hot Toddy, available initially in  20 litre  bag in box format for the Christmas markets, but soon to be also in 5l and 10l boxes.   Like all Eliot’s products it is fully mixed and ready to heat and serve.  Our hot toddy is produced using 3 year old blended scotch whisky and has been shown to sell right thru to the end of March.


We have just launched under the “Wild Ground” name a full range of 187ml single serve table wines covering the main lines sold on-trade:
Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Rose, Merlot, Pinot Grigio & Pinot Grigio Rose – perfect for simplicity,  speed of serve, lack of waste, absolute portion control and a great quality, fantastic tasting offering.  This is new to the market so none of your competitors will be offering these – yet! 







Trials are currently underway for a range of craft ciders, in both bottle and bag in box formats – again, not to be sold on the High Street so exclusive to the on-trade.

In addition, we are working on a range of ready to drink cocktails – fully premixed and in single serve bottles, just open and drink!  We are always keen to find venues that will work with us trialling new products, so if you believe your venue would be a great place to market test premixed ready to drink cocktails please contact us

The Eliot’s brand is owned by GW Drinks Ltd, Ledbury and they can be contacted on 01531-825367.  Email – sales@gwdrinks.co.uk  or buy online www.haywood-drinks.co.uk/store