LumaglassTM: Destinctive Illuminated glass wall partitions, cladding, feature and focal points.

LumaglassTM is a unique self-supporting internally illuminated glazing system. It can be used as privacy internal walls and partitions or integrated with reception areas, bars or display areas.   It is a compact thin walled illuminated glazing system creating an even wash of light, up to 7M tall, with no requirement for separately installed up/down or backlighting. 

The standard glazing system is illuminated with White or RGB colour change LED diffused lighting.  The White LEDs colour temperature ranges through warm, neutral, pure and cool.  Digital LED lighting are also available providing endless dynamic effects and applications, from rainbow changes through to sparkle and more.

The glass panels have a variety of surface patterns with clear, transparent and translucent finishes.  The translucent effect is achieved by sandblasting the inner surface or a coating of white acrylic resin.  Any pantone colour of translucent acrylic resin can also be applied. The illuminated panels can be from 0.5M up to 7M in height.

LumaglassTM can be installed vertically or horizontally.  In the vertical arrangement, organic shapes are easily created within the perimeter frame; curved to a tight radius.  Glass corners are also easily created as the panels can be glazed to acute, obtuse or right angles.

In providing a full design, supply, installation and aftercare service, our technical advisors are on hand to add value from the design concept and throughout the project delivery to hand over.  We will actively engage with the design team, contractor / fit-out specialist or directly with the client to ensure a seamless efficient installation of our LumaglassTM system.

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  • Low Iron glass / White LED.  The option of Low Iron glass can be combined with white LEDs to your colour temperature requirements: warm, neutral, Pure and Cool. This example viewed from both sides.
  • Colour Changing RGB.  Colour changing RGB LEDs or Digital LEDs provides for a wide variety of paterns and animations.
  • Match corporate colours.  The lighting and the glass can be matched to your colour theme or clients corporate colours.
  • Privacy – Glass finishes are achieved by sandblasting or white (or any pantone colour) translucent acrylic resin providing privacy and an even wash of light across the face and from top to bottom of the panels.
  • All glass corners. All the illuminated glazing is within a perimeter frame as there is no need for corner or intermediate mullion supports. This example combines cladding to the reception desk and a matching privacy screen to the rear.
  • Organic shapes.  The modular nature of the LumaglassTM panels allows the creation of flowing organic shapes.
  • Sweeping curves are easily created to combine with “hard” linear layouts.
  •  In the horizontal plain, the panels can be up to 4M wide and be as high as your building.  We can also incorporate windows and hatches in to both horizontal and vertical glazed systems.
  • Coloured panels.   Applying a pantone translucent acrylic resin to the glass provides for a change of visuals during the day and beautifully illuminated in the evening.
  •  LumaglassTM is equally available for external applications to match internal projects. Utilising thermal break framing and insulation options provides an insulated weather proof façade.  This example demonstrates full capability of a 7M high, curved and coloured changing façade.