2018 is the year of development at Wellis again!

In the space of just a few short years, Wellis has become one of the world’s influential manufacturers of hot tubs and spas.Wellis produce products that are certified to meet or exceed German TUV quality standards using the most modern robot technology. The process takes place at our factory which boasts an impressive production area of more than 16.000 m2.Each day we continue to work hard to firmly establish Wellis as a leading European manufacturer. As we continue to grow we never lose sight that our success is built on the goodwill of our customers.We are able to produce unique spas and whirlpool baths according to the local conditions. Let us know your requirements and our experts will find the best solution for you!We are proud to present Wellis and Hungary to an international market. We want to thank all the people internationally for choosing Wellis products, and we hope that we can soon be part of your everyday life too!


2018 is the year of development at Wellis again!

Cityline productline offers an excellent choice for all those customers, who thing that the right cost and value proportion and the premium quality are important as well.

Our new models are in the medium segment considering the price and in the same time offer compact and unique equipment for all those families who would like to enjoy an excellent wellness experience.

During the creation process we put an important focus on customer friendly developments.

Please feel free to choose our new models choosing from the spa shell-, cabinet- and roof-colours from the provided samples and make your home more pleasant with a beautiful Wellis product.

We can assure you that besides the formidable-look the unforgettable wellness experience is also guaranteed.

We can not forget Wellis’s smart solutions!

Smart Wellis hot tubs, for smart users!

Wellis presents the latest smart solutions for hot tubs, which will guarantee up-to-date technology experiences.

In.touch 2 is a smart control integrated into the spa, and is accompanied by an application running on a smart device, allowing you to easily control your spa from IOS or Android devices.

Hot tubs with in.touch 2 are connected via a wifi network to the home Internet connection and provide remote maintenance. You certainly do not want to spend a lot of time checking the condition of your spa, and in case of an error you want to get the fastest solution possible, and it’s absolutely available with our new system.

Choose Europe’s leading hot tub and its clever solutions, so that bathing time is truly a self-indulgent recreation and quality experience for you and your family!