Star Micronics EMEA

Omni-channel retailing has been a reality for a number of years.  It has, however, had to redefine itself in order to provide a seamless customer experience across a number of channels. The same applies to the hospitality industry.

To satisfy the demands of today’s tech-savvy guests who expect information at their fingertips across any device, at any time, whether they are online or not, operators need to embrace cloud-based technology.  Furthermore, these guests are seeking not just a product or service but an engaging experience.

Omni-channel involves the delivery of a seamless, integrated, and consistent guest experience irrespective of the channel or device.  As customers increasingly demand more for less, operators need to find new and innovative ways to compete on experience.  Ensuring that the ordering and payment experience for the customer is consistent across all channels whether the customer is using a kiosk, website, an app, a call centre, a drive-thru or ordering in person is key.  Providing a unified approach to ordering and payment can, however, prove challenging.

By making the move towards cloud-based POS solutions, hospitality is able to make omni-channel a reality. Star offers a number of cloud solutions with a range of cable-free WiFi and Bluetooth fixed and mobile POS printing solutions – the TSP654IIBI Bluetooth printer from Star provides a unique, high speed 300mm/second entry-level solution with multiple connectivity options for traditional systems or an upgrade path to cloud-based systems.  Designed for customers who wish to integrate wireless handheld devices into their POS solution, the TSP654IIBI is ideal for providing fixed printing capabilities from tablets, smartphones or any handheld device for queue management, event ticketing, retail transactions, restaurant ordering and many more applications.

While providing a traditional connectivity solution today, the standard TSP654II, SP700 kitchen printer, TSP743II and TSP847II label, ticket and receipt printers can easily be upgraded and transformed into a cloud printer by simply changing the interface resulting in a highly cost-effective and flexible cloud solution. The versatile HI X Connect interface with new Star CloudPRNT™ technology provides intelligent printing for cloud hospitality applications and unparalleled flexibility for remote receipt and remote order printing.  Alternatively, the TSP654II CloudPRNT printer with built-in interface is cloud-ready.

Star CloudPRNT enables remote printing directly and securely from your web server to printers anywhere in the world without complicated network configurations, ideal for cloud-based POS applications such as restaurant aggregation. Furthermore, Star’s digital receipting platform and AllReceipts App allow you to log into the printer interface to automatically upload all receipts and coupon images to Star’s Cloud Services for customers to download to their mobile device by simply scanning the automatically generated QR code.

In order to meet growing customer’ expectations, hospitality businesses need to leverage omni-channel and cloud-based technology for a consistent seamless experience across a range of channels and devices.