How you can create stunning illuminated interior displays with Unibox

Illuminating graphics, wayfinding or used as decorative lighting, Unibox’s LED Lightboxes provide high quality, even LED illumination, with low power consumption and custom lighting specifications (colour temperature, colour retention (flux shift) and more). Plus at depths from 10mm to 135mm, and manufactured in custom shapes and sizes up to 30m wide, they can be created to perfectly fit your interior layout.

Offering total control over interior aesthetics, Unibox LED Lightboxes use specially-designed, replaceable textile  graphics that permeate light whilst stretching across the surface of the lightbox. This gives you the freedom to constantly update creative without the need for entirely new displays.















One of the UK’s leading display manufacturers, Unibox are based in Manchester with a design office in Clerkenwell, London, and boast a wealth of experience in the commercial interior sector. They have recently collaborated with renowned British designer, Tom Dixon, alongside Design Research Studio, on the landmark Mondrian Hotel at Sea Containers. Unibox were commissioned to produce bespoke metal & glass vitrines to display vintage shipping artefacts, in addition to highlighting a three dimensional wall in the luxury spa using recessed LED Lighting.

Also recently working with Sheppard Robson, Unibox’s lighting expertise was again called upon to customise their lightbox solutions, adapted to illuminate KPMG’s four-storey atrium, in their Leeds offices. Infusing Leeds’ heritage and architecture, historic local images were displayed across each panel by laser-cutting a dot matrix pattern onto perforated bronze anodised aluminium panels, with illumination coming through a combination of 4000K side-lit LED lighting modules sat behind a polycarbonate diffuser, resulting in a homogeneous glow.











Proudly manufacturing all of their solutions in the UK, Unibox’s creative experience and technical capabilities allows them to offer high quality solutions and market-leading turnaround times. Their Manchester HQ boasts a range of specialist machinery, from laser & CNC machining, to Lighting & Electronics design, which when offered alongside creative/technical design services, Unibox are ideally placed to work with architects and interior designers.

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