4 ways an advanced hotel phone system can help you improve your customer service

Are you looking for a new PBX phone system for your hotel? Hotels thrive on providing first class customer service, and seamless communication with guests. For this reason, it is integral that your phone system provides all the necessary features to give your guests the service they expect.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a phone system for your hotel. You may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is our check-in and check-out process as easy as possible?
  • Do guests have the freedom to set their own communications preferences?
  • Are there any ways in which we could improve our in-house communication?
  • Is billing a stress-free experience for our guests?

If the above concerns resonate with you, you would greatly benefit from a 3CX hotel phone system.

How can an advanced hotel phone system benefit your business?

A tailored phone solution for hotels is already being used by thousands of organisations across the hospitality sector. With hotel-specific advanced features, a 3CX hotel system could benefit your business in the following ways:

Make the check-in and check-out process more efficient

The3XC hotel module is designed to perform the following functions at check-in and check-out:


  • Sets Extension Name
  • Enables the extension to allow outbound calls.
  • Deletes all voicemail messages.
  • Clears Do Not Disturb (DND) status.
  • Updates phonebook files for IP Phones.
  • Re-provisions supported IP Phones.


  • Sets name to blank to show there’s no one in the room.
  • Disables outbound calls on extension.
  • Deletes all voice mail messages and recordings.
  • Clears the Do Not Disturb (DND) status.
  • Updates phonebook files for IP Phones.
  • Re-provisions supported IP Phones.

Allow guests to choose their communication preferences

The 3XC hotel phone system also allows guests to customise their own communication preferences. For example, guests can arrange wake up calls through their phone system without receptionist intervention. Guests can also set their extensions to Do Not Disturb.

Improve in-house communication

As well as tailoring phone preferences to guests’ needs, the 3CX hotel phone system can improve in-house communication. For example, cleaners can update the cleanliness status of a room by dialling a code through the phone.

Ensure extension billing is easy and hassle-free

The 3CX system will log every call made by an extension and will calculate call costs for billing. It will also reproduce all call data on a text file record for you and your guest.