A bedstretch pillowshelf® can make your beds the biggest in the uk in minutes

Hampshire based Bedstretch Ltd, are now promoting their PillowShelf® bed extension technology to the small and medium sized hotel sector.  You will have the biggest beds in the country for £100 per bed, and they will look sensational. 

A PillowShelf is a freestanding item of furniture which fundamentally changes the way a guest will sleep on your mattress.  It supports the very top of the pillow, the part which takes little or no pressure, allowing the body to naturally lay with its bodyweight fully supported by your mattress.

If you have traditional divan beds, your taller guests will have to sleep diagonally or let their feet hang out at the end of the bed.  That’s anyone over 6 foot if you have standard king size or smaller beds.  Not many will complain, very few will make a fuss – they probably just won’t come back.

The Bedstretch PillowShelf® takes a few minutes to install or to remove again.  No need to modify your bed, or to buy new bedding – supplied with its own sheets, it just slots in at the head of the bed, either between the bed and the wall, or the bed and the headboard using the supplied spacers.

For £100 you can offer the biggest beds anywhere – a sleeping platform seven-foot long or at least six foot nine inches.  No one ever complained about a bed that was too big, and they always tell everyone about unique experiences, and the Bedstretch PillowShelf provides just that.

Upholstered in four neutral colours to match most décors or bespoke colours and fabrics to match the headboard or base, the PillowShelf can be either permanently fitted or stored in the linen cupboard as an ad-hoc item to be fitted at leisure when a taller customer checks in.  The PillowShelf says you care and in today’s market where 25% of millennials are over six foot, it’s a problem we all need to address sooner rather than later.  www.bedstretch.co.uk