A Guide to Planters

Leading supplier of garden planters and features, The Pot Company, offer a wide variety of materials and the sales team are more than happy to guide customers through the available options. From rustic planters suited to character properties to sleek and contemporary styles for the more modern setting, customers can find the perfect planter for that finishing touch to any outdoor space.

Palm Pots

These individual planters are hand carved from the trunks of Palm Trees and are sourced from Indonesian renewable forests, making them sustainable and environmentally friendly. Finished with a natural varnish, they give an earthy and tropical feel to any space.  A recent addition to this range is the ‘Vas Berukir’, an exceptional two metre tall planter with ornate carvings. This is perfect for creating a focal point or using as a pair for a dramatic entrance to a hotel or restaurant.

Fiori Luminous

As a leading supplier, The Pot Company has stocked a range of luminous planters for many years however, the recent addition of a colour changing light bulb has opened up exciting possibilities for designers. With the click of a button customers can choose between thirteen colours to suit the ambience of the setting or occasion. Can’t decide on a colour? Use the automatic colour changing mode to see a gradual spectrum of all thirteen. The planters are made through high end rotational moulding techniques and the resulting finish does not feature any join lines, is easily cleaned and has a contemporary feel.


The Polystone range is a favourite amongst trade customers wanting to add a slick and contemporary feel to their space. Polystone has a high stone powder content which results in a smooth natural looking finish and an extremely durable planter. This high end range will compliment it’s surroundings and as they come without drainage holes as standard they can also be used inside. Available in Slate Grey or Marble White in a variety of designs and sizes.


Fibreglass is a popular choice for consumers wanting a high quality contemporary look in a lightweight material. Durable, frost resistant and easy to wipe clean this planter is ideal for internal or external use. The Pot Company’s Fibreglass is available in a range of colours and finishes with bespoke options also possible. To add further reliability it has also been reinforced at the corners. This range is available in boxes, cylinders and troughs in an extremely wide range of sizes including large statement pieces.

In addition to planters, The Pot Company also offer burners, wood storage and water features.

For more information, visit www.thepotco.com or call a member of their sales team on 01892 890 353.