A new night-time dimension with Bonaldo

The company presents its new beds collection

Bonaldo, internationally leading company specialized in the production of 100% Made in Italy design furniture, has carried out an important research and development project strengthening its presence in the sleeping category with a complete renovation of its beds collection.

A project that marks an important step in the growth of the company, leading to the launch of new models and to the restyling of some iconic products, and looking ahead with a strong base in Bonaldo’s own history and roots. In 1936 the Venetian company started as a craft business specialized in the production of metal bedsteads and then expanded its production to iron beds, inventing a folding bedstead which has become a market standard.

With its double and single beds, combined with complements and accessories, the new collection by Bonaldo is the expression of a strong experience acquired over the years, of careful design made of stylistic research and material experimentation – from fabrics to structures – and of project development which strengthens Bonaldo’s role in a sector where the company is more and more protagonist, both in the home and in the contract industry.

At the heart of the concept there is a new dimension of the sleeping area enriched with refined charm,relaxing islands, beds with a cosy, emotional and functional design. With wraparound headboards or minimal structures, unexpected details which, in perfect harmony with the distinctive style of Bonaldo, give the bedroom a strong visual impact able to amaze and play a leading role. Sometimes even with an unexpected twist, as in the “Moglie e Marito” model which plays on the duality of the two elements that make up a couple gaining in turn mutual meaning, supporting each other, or the “Fluff” bed with a rounded design that takes its inspiration from the soft stuffing of the American Fluffernutter sandwich made with marshmallows and peanut butter.

The leitmotif of the entire collection is an elegant design that perfectly harmonises with the excellent sartorial skills of Bonaldo. The new sleeping collection, in fact, offers not only a wide range of beds, but also the possibility to customize each model with different kinds of upholstery: from natural fibres to wools, from linen to cotton, from leather to eco-leather, from bouclé to frisé, in many colour variations ranging from the softest to the brightest hues. This allows the customization of the ‘silhouette’ of the beds, giving them a different character depending on the fabric and on the colour, winking at the latest trends in the fashion world.

A wide and fine choice of textures that only a company devoted to research and interpreter of the most international trends such as Bonaldo can offer.

“This new project represents an important milestone in the growth of the Company which, in over 80 years of history, has made quality and attention to both detail and style its philosophy and its distinctive mark”, says Alberto Bonaldo, Managing Director of Bonaldo. “In a world where we tend to standardize more and more,Bonaldo remains one among the companies that continues to offer customers the opportunity to choose.”

The new sleeping collection also includes accessories such as tallboys, chests of drawers, poufs and bedside tables in many different models.

You can download the catalogue here