With hotel customers being more demanding than ever, hoteliers face the daily challenge of building on their offer to deliver the best value, while looking at the so-desired revenues and long-term profitability. This can be a herculean task, particularly for small and independent hotel managers, who so often have to run their business on modest budgets.

Having always played a major role in hospitality, design is nowadays key to securing a relevant position in the market. In fact, design is named by hotel customers as one of the most relevant aspects of a hotel offer. It’s fair to say that, once one of many ways to present the character or identity of a hotel, thoughtful design has become crucial to guarantee business success.

Here, Simon Bennett, International Sales Manager for Saint-Gobain ADFORS, discusses how hotel owners and managers can look at decoration and refurbishment projects as an opportunity to add value to their projects. Also, Simon looks at how specialist products like ADFORS’ fibre glass wall coverings can help them achieve appealing and distinctive aesthetics, while providing additional benefits, and save them costs in the long term.

Endless design possibilities

Inspired by nature, Novelio Nature evokes a sense of style and simplicity, creating an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. Available in 4 patterns – Charm, Flair, Grace and Pure – in six colour-ways each, Novelio Nature offers a total of 24 designs to give spaces a contemporary yet subtle look, while allowing for statement furniture and decorative pieces to stand out.

Design and performance – no compromise

Combined with its high-end aesthetics, Novelio Nature offers incomparable durability.  In fact, Novelio Nature is impact and fire resistant, which makes it ideal to withstand daily wear and tear in hospitality developments.

Plus, it preserves the walls’ original look and feel over time, delivering long-term cost savings. In fact, the glass fibre wall coverings are fit for purpose, not just at the moment of purchase, but also in five to 10 years’ time, contributing towards more streamlined and cost-effective maintenance and refurbishment cycles.

Therefore, Novelio Nature is a wise choice for hospitality managers who aim to provide an attractive and healthy environment for their guests, while managing the important whole-life cost of the project.

Manufactured using non-toxic materials, 90% of which are produced from natural resources, Novelio Nature benefits occupant health and wellbeing within buildings.

Novelio Nature glass fibre wall coverings are VOC free and they are also breathe friendly, achieving a Class A+ environmental rating. This means they help to improve indoor air quality, creating a comfortable environment for both guests and staff, while preventing the growth of mould and damp – maintaining the aesthetics and health of the building for years to come.

Straightforward installation – minimum disruption

Novelio Nature is supplied in easy-to-handle rolls – with different width and length options – as a finished and ready-to-use product with no painting required. It is also quick and straightforward to install, as well as tear resistant, improving efficiency and time on site, as well as minimising disruption to the day-to-day activity.

When whole-life costing is the ultimate goal – and that’s definitely the case with small and independent hotels – the cleaning and upkeep of the products are also an important factor. Wall coverings that are easy to clean and can be cleaned with little or no chemicals can prove to be easier to manage and more cost effective, while those with surfaces that can be painted over will help to hide any scuffs and scrapes, quickly creating a more attractive environment without the need to completely redecorate or reapply wall coverings.

Novelio Nature is both washable and paintable, which means it helps preserve the original look for longer, but also allows changes in style if and when needed.

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