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Combined Circulation of 89,496

  • Bar & Club Owners and Operators – 12,794
  • Restaurant Owners & Operators – 19,44
  • Developers & Investors – 2,819
  • Interior Designers – 8,116
  • Architects – 8,548
  • Senior executives at all major hotel groups – 2,843
  • Independent luxury and lifestyle hotels – 11,840
  • Purchasing & Procurement Departments – 17,270
  • 4* 5*Hotels & Guest Houses – 5,821

Extra copies of the publication are distributed at hospitality conferences and leading trade fairs worldwide.


Audio Visual
Art & Artwork
Awnings & Canopies
Beds & Bedding
Bathrooms & Washrooms
Ceilings, Walls & Partitions
Curtains & Blinds
Doors & Windows & Fittings
Entrance Systems
Entertainment Systems
Fabrics, Wall coverings & surfaces
Heating & Ventilation
Hotel Amenities
Interiors & Interior Design
Catering Equipment
Laundry Equipment
Lights & Lighting
Outdoor Furniture
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Soft Furnishings

Fine Dining

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Management Systems

Rates & Data

The World Of Hospitality magazine is published on a bi-monthly basis in the following order: Jan/Feb; Mar/Apr; May/Jun; Jul/Aug; Sep/Oct; Nov/Dec. Copy for each of the publications is wished to be produced to our design department two weeks prior to the publications deadline date.

Please find below the rate card of the areas of the magazine that can be bought to showcase your product or service for a bi-monthly period. Whether it be a company editorial story or an advert all are welcome within the issue for the provided rates.

Double Page Spread £4,000
Full Page £2,100
Half Page £1,400
Quarter Page £950

Below is the specifications for the size of adverts that are to be sent over already created. If you do not have a design team this is not a problem. Included in our rates we provide a free of charge design team with a 3 proof service so that the copy is produced right for you.

Type Area Trim Bleed
Double Page-Spread 400mm x 277mm 420mm x 297mm 426mm x 303mm
Full Page 190mm x 277mm 210mm x 297mm 216mm x 303mm
Half Page Horizontal 180mm x 132mm N/A N/A
Half Page Vertical 88mm x 267mm N/A N/A
Quarter Page 88mm x 132mm N/A N/A

All copy must be supplied as a high resolution PDF, JPG, TIFF, EPS, PSD or INDD file. If EPS, PSD or INDD files are supplied, the images and fonts used must also be provided.

Please email PR to our editorial department or send via post to our postal address for consideration to be published within the magazine (located on the Contact Us page).

If you’re submitting a brochure that contains the copy you wish to use. Please clearly highlight the text use with to be included within your advertisement, as well as marking out which image you wish to use.