At tetrad we are very proud of our British heritage.

Since 1968 our long serving team have been dedicated to curating the very best ideas and products in order to handcraft furniture that is both durable, timeless and made here in the UK.

We understand the important role furniture plays in creating an environment that is inviting and reflective of our clients’ needs. We are passionate about continuously evolving our collection as well as catering to a modern lifestyle without losing the charm of traditional features that are so distinctly Tetrad. Alongside that, Tetrad is known as one of the innovators in the furniture industry, constantly on the look out for new techniques and fabrics from all over the world.

When we design collections or work together with individual clients on their specific projects, imagination is always the driving force in the creative process. We take the time to consider even the smallest details in our designs to deliver pieces of outstanding quality that also make a statement.

What’s more, your Tetrad furniture will be meticulously handcrafted by our team in Lancashire drawing on over 50 years in upholstery using traditional techniques combined with modern technology and machinery.

At Tetrad we blend the old with the new so that we always deliver the very best for our clients’.

‘It is widely known that clients purchase Tetrad furniture because of its unmatched quality and durability as much as for the way it looks and stands out’ says Janus Cooper, Managing Director.

Equally our ability to adapt and flex in design and production means that we are able to work on smaller projects and scale up to support larger projects too.

Tetrad is also very proud of its work launching its latest product range ‘Naturally Tetrad’. This will make a very positive difference on it’s sustainable journey, using 100% natural fillings and covers and again handmade in the UK.

That’s why anything else is just a sofa.

For further information, please contact Suzanne Berry via or call 01772 792936.