BARAK’7 Launch new collection of industrial-style furniture

BARAK’7 have announced the launch of their new collection of industrial-style furniture, including chairs, tables and storage that will add a stylish edge, quirky character and individual charm to any bar, café or hotel.

BARAK’7’s distinctive style takes inspiration from architecture, machinery and flea markets in the industrial areas of Paris and Brussels. They combine characterful metals with reclaimed woods and vintage materials to create chic individual pieces that are practical but playful, packed with surprising ideas, at very affordable prices.

Unlike many furniture suppliers, BARAK’7 furniture is never mass produced, which means no two pieces are identical. They have cut out all intermediaries to only sell their furniture direct, which ensures all prices are kept as affordable as possible and you can furnish your venue with quirky pieces that really stand out from the crowd.

The new BARAK’7 collection includes pieces such as:

“Very Important Place” industrial-style bench: This stylish bench combines canvas, brown leather and metal to create a practical piece of furniture that will also add industrial character and vintage charm to a hotel lobby or bar. Available exclusively from, priced £299.

Drum Chair with bronze finish: Made from reclaimed industrial drums, this collection of chairs oozes industrial character, but the addition of a soft cushioned seat makes it a great option for a bar, café or even for outside seating. Also available in a range of other colours and finishes, exclusively from, priced £118.

“Sky” Industrial Wardrobe: For venues looking to create chic warehouse-style interiors, this metal wardrobe is an ideal statement piece. The rough finish to the metal and industrial style handles and catches give each piece unique individual character. Available exclusively from, priced £1,449.

Industrial style garden furniture: Combining reclaimed wood and metal, the new foldable garden table and chair sets are perfect to add industrial style to a bar terrace or balcony. Available in choice of either a silver or carbon finish, the imperfections in the wood and metal give each piece individual character while being robust enough to stay outside in even the harshest of winters. Available exclusively from, a garden table is priced £149, while each chair costs just £119.

Industrial wheel coffee table: Perfect for adding an industrial or loft-style statement piece to a lounge or lobby, this coffee table combines reclaimed wood with heavy metal legs and a wheel from industrial machinery. It is a practical and functional coffee table, but the unusual, playful design means it is bound to get noticed. Available exclusively from, priced £499

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