Baranska design

Baranska design are well known in Europe for their artistic glass installations, such as the Wings of Freedom sculpture found in Gdansk airport.  They are also acknowledged as a design leader in the production of large fused glass surfaces, commercial water features and decorative lighting for use in hotels, restaurants, bars and residential and commercial buildings.

For many years Edyta Baranska has worked closely with interior designers and architects in the hospitality sector and has drawn on these experiences to realise a new product platform of unique and functional glass furniture and accessories.

In this first collection we will see no less than twenty five bold designs that show us a completely new way to mix textures and colours into glass using fusing technology.  The collection (due for launch at the January Furniture Show, Birmingham) consists of coffee/occasional tables, wall art, mirrors, bowls and lighting, providing designers with a family of products with coordinating colours, designs and effects.

The collection is a culmination of eighteen months of research and development, not only in composition and colourways but also in new methods to allow the creation of these new designs using fusing processes where two or more layers of glass are bonded together under intense heat.

To create the colours and effects Baranska combine metal oxides and textures during the heating process. Later, some arrangements are finished with base paint colour to add additional depth.

Using metal oxides creates a far ranging palette of polychromatic effects and bubbles within the layers of glass, and these features are prevalent throughout the collection.  This fusion of natural pigments bring to life the designs which are further enhanced by moulded textures in the lower layer of glass, as can be seen in the vibrant and intense Big Blue.

An intense mix of colours collide to create Desert Sun. Luminous and iridescent the design is further enhanced by the hundreds of varying sized bubbles that mingle throughout the glass, a natural reaction triggered by the high temperatures used when fusing the glass together.

Fusing multiple layers of glass also gives depth and a feeling of solidity, and in Gold River Baranska have fused three layers together to create a wonderful 3D effect that accentuates the textural impressions placed into the lower layer of glass during the kilning process. Later, a dull gold paint effect is added to create a meandering river that runs across the glass.