Beltrami The Suite – A space where sophisticated beauty meets tailor-made hospitality.

Drawing inspiration from Beauty as something both challenging and defeating time, Beltrami Linen present their vision of the perfect suite experience.

Each element surprises hotel guests with the accuracy of its details, meeting the requirements of the increasingly higher hospitality standards.

Elegant lines, refined decorations and pure forms create an atmosphere of relax, comfort and timeless charm.

Precious textures and fabrics, embracing the tradition of Italian tailor-made quality, give life to beautiful but durable linen and textile accessories.

Designed with utmost attention to detail and their signature spirit of understated luxury and refined simplicity, The Suite is a space to be experienced with all the senses.

Proposed in Autentica Fibra di Legno Beltrami (wood fiber), in a combination of natural white, ivory and light cream tones, lit up by the discreet shine of metallic white gold details, the concept can be developed in a wide range of different materials and colours, to enhance the unique identity of each hotel.

Vicolo degli Alpini 5
24020 Cene (BG)