Bluebell: Specialist wine storage

Intelligent wine storage with My Sommelier: custom manage the temperature of individual wines with this high-tech storage system, controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

Luxury wines are big business, and the producers of My Sommelier have designed their product with this in mind. The temperature controls can be optimised for each individual vintage to create the ideal storage conditions for the wine, enhancing their flavour to create a level of indulgence and quality synonymous with fine dining.

The accompanying phone app includes a wine list that enables you to keep track of your stock whilst you pre-chill your Bruts, or gently warm your Dujacs to the perfect serving temperature.

With a unique opening function, My Sommelier is ideal for tight spaces because, unlike normal chiller units, the glass retracts into the top and bottom of the frame, gliding apart like a pair of automated doors. This prevents the obstruction caused by rows of outward opening chiller units.

By selecting from a range of bespoke artisan finishes you can create a look that blends effortlessly with existing features, or fits perfectly into a renovated space. With the option to alter the colour and hue of the LED light features to match any colour scheme, the richness of these wines is not only in their flavour, but in their presentation.

Bluebell Finishes

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