CardsSafe – Protecting Assets

The CardsSafe system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab or hires a product or service.

While the initial focus was to prevent losses, the system is also used to increase turnover. BII’s Phil Dixon stated, “if you want to increase spend you must retain cards” and the best place to retain a card is in a CardsSafe unit.  VISA has confirmed that venues which allow tabs have at least 30% higher turnover.

Cost-effective, easy to use and PCI compliant, the technology has revolutionised the way the hospitality and leisure industries manage their customers’ tabs on or off their premises. A significant deterrent for walkouts, theft and vandalism, CardsSafe has been helping hotels, golf clubs, galleries and restaurants since 2004.

A fundamental aspect of the CardsSafe system also offers customers security against the potential of credit card fraud. It ensures peace of mind in the knowledge that their cards are protected while they enjoy the facilities.

Now in over 5000 business nationwide, including Foxhills Country Club and Resort, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, the National Portrait Gallery and Lord’s Cricket Ground, the demand for the system is increasing in the leisure and hospitality industries.

CardsSafe has had a longstanding relationship and been facilitating hire services and bar tabs for Hilton Hotels in since 2005. Their card systems are in 61 outlets nationwide and what started as a partnership at one of their flagship hotels in Cardiff soon rolled out to the rest of the UK. CardsSafe helps Hilton Hotels to tackle their bar tabs, and hotel amenities hires. With thousands of guests visiting daily, keeping track of customer spending and borrowing and shift changes, CardsSafe offers the ideal solution to ensure that all tabs are up-to-date, accurate and always settled.

 “All our customers are pleased that we look after their cards in a more secure manner with CardsSafe.”
Matthew, Director at Hilton Hotels

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