Challenger lighting

We have more than 20 years experience in supplying lighting installation and maintenance
• Installation of LED Lighting Systems
• On Site Commissioning
• Monitoring of Smart Lighting Systems including Emergency lighting
• Lighting Maintenance Across UK and Europe

Hospitality Lighting
Lighting in hospitality demands higher usage and longer operating hours which cause higher failure rates. Our expertise gives us access to the latest LED technologies to replace traditional lighting without detriment to design criteria and aesthetics these can create.

Lighting Control
Lighting controls offer the ability to control individual or groups of luminaires through occupancy and daylight sensing. There is no limit to the amount of luminaires controlled. The design can be defined so that the lighting system switches and dims in logical groups. Adding lighting controls to a lighting scheme can save up to an additional 20% in energy costs. Lighting controls can also report failures and conduct automatic emergency lighting

Emergency Lighting Maintenance
The maintenance of emergency lighting is key due to it’s legal requirement. We replace traditional emergency lighting with modern, high quality, energy efficient LED  emergency lighting systems which offer greatly reduced maintenance requirements. We also use only the highest quality lithium battery systems which increase life and reduces energy by up to 50% over time, the addition of optics means you are able to increase spacings up to 18M reducing the number of fittings required.

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