Checkit is an independent business within Elektron Technology Group PLC

Based in Cambridge, UK, Checkit is an independent business within Elektron Technology Group PLC. Located on the Cambridge University campus, Checkit is one of only a handful of companies allowed to operate from the exclusive location, due to its heavy investment in research and development of technology.

Checkit is a leading provider of automated monitoring and digital work management solutions for the food service, food manufacturing, contract catering, healthcare, pharmaceutical and facilities management sectors. Its digital checklist technology, together with automated monitoring solutions, helps organisations strengthen compliance to hygiene standards, streamline management and optimise staff efficiency which ultimately helps improve productivity.

Checkit’s range of intuitive handsets, sensors and probes simplify the routine checks that are carried out in many premises to ensure quality standards and regulatory compliance. The devices alert staff to required tasks and allow them to record the task status in real time. The data is securely uploaded to the Cloud, from which managers in any location can view real-time and historic reports.

In food service and manufacturing, Checkit helps organisations from a single pub to a multi-site restaurant group, transform the way they manage food safety by replacing manual, paper-based records with a digital solution. This helps to ensure regulatory compliance, high quality standards, improved management visibility, greater efficiency, good reputation and cost savings.

Checkit’s work management software can benefit organisations of all sizes in foodservice, hospitality, food manufacture and processing industries as well as in facilities management, healthcare and laboratory environments. In short, in nearly any sector where maintaining high hygiene and safety standards is crucial for successful operation, Checkit can help.

Some of the key aspect setting Checkit aside from competition are the customisable, bespoke checklists and ease of use: the user-friendly interface only requires minimal training and can therefore be used by even junior staff members, enabling expensive staff time to be optimised.

Checkit’s key product is Checkit Memo, a handheld digital checklist which is ideal for applications where regular checks need to be performed and the results recorded. Checkit offers a complete package of Memos (handsets), temperature probes and automatic sensors. The Memos, with intuitive touchscreens, are pre-installed with checklists based on the Food Standards Agency’s Safer Food, Better Business guidelines and HACCP management practices.

Interactive checklists alert, prompt and guide staff on carrying out food hygiene tasks and corrective actions, while automated monitoring of fridges, freezers and door closing reduces wastage, improves efficiency and saves hours in staff time. Automated monitoring is another function of the Checkit system, and one that is particularly applicable in food retail and manufacturing environments. Checkit Automated Monitoring comprises Internet of Things-based smart sensors and a powerful cloud-based control centre, providing a wireless solution for capturing precise temperature, humidity and door status data, with continuous readings sent to the cloud 24×7. Every task and temperature reading is digitally time-stamped, tamper-proof and sent to the cloud, creating paperless EHO-approved audit-ready records for inspections.

Continuous monitoring of hazard points such as freezers, fridges and chilled food areas is vital for business operations. Manual monitoring is costly, inefficient and prone to errors, and as readings are only taken at infrequent intervals, there is no real-time view of operations or ability to see problems developing between checks. Switching to Checkit continuous Automated Monitoring releases staff resources from hours of manual checks, and provides full control over critical control points 24×7.

When food hygiene tasks are due, they are automatically flagged on the Memo, making sure staff complete them – and if they are missed owners are immediately alerted. Digital food safety records are instantly created, timestamped and stored securely online, meaning they are always accurate, up to date and accessible from anywhere through a smartphone, PC or tablet

For single sites, the company recently launched Checkit Solo, a simpler iteration of the technology comprising of a Memo and a single temperature probe. The system saves at least a day of staff time every month and makes life easier for owners and head chefs (based on data on file). Similar to a phone service, but with no ongoing contract required, the innovative digital food safety system costs a one-off payment of £199 plus a monthly subscription of £19.99.

Checkit customers include The Ritz, Claridge’s, Quorn Foods, Nanna Mexico, Moy Park, Compass, Bakkavor, Abel & Cole, Ginsters, East Surrey Hospital and Integrated Pathology Partnerships (iPP).

The future is digital, and Checkit is very much looking forward to helping new customers leverage the benefits of the digital work management technology. With England set to follow Wales by making the display of food hygiene ratings mandatory in the near future, it is clear to see that improving food hygiene standards and increasing the transparency in the way this is managed, is something that will soon be on every foodservice and manufacturing business’ agenda. Checkit is ready to help companies embrace the challenge and take the management of food safety into the digital era.

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