Clarity Hotel Manager – More than just another PMS.

When The Lowy Group spelled out their connectivity wishes for their 3 Brighton hotels, Clarity was able to respond in a timely and cost-effective manner.

“Connection” is Clarity’s middle name and is a core skill Clarity has applied continually over the 25+ years of providing software to the Hospitality industry.

Recovering from the dark days of COVID, the group decided that building closer Guest relationships is the key to rebuilding business. After looking at options, they were impressed with the whole range of contactless guest experience capabilities that the Criton Guest Engagement app offered. Extending that with the Inspire loyalty system to encourage repeat bookings was logical.

Being the PMS provider for the group, it was natural that the Queens Hotel contacted Clarity to see how difficult and expensive it would be to integrate these systems. Clarity was already in discussion with Criton and integrating Inspire was relatively simple given the extensive in-built architecture of Clarity Hotel Manager. Both integrations were achieved at ZERO cost to the group.

The positive experience with Clarity encouraged the group to also upgrade their E-POS system to that provided by Clarity and to commission integration to their Sage Accounting system.

Michelle of the Queens Hotel says “working with Clarity to implement these solutions has been easy, and surprisingly cost effective. Clarity have been responsive, prompt, thorough and the integrations work perfectly. We particularly like what Criton delivers to our Guests, and it has become a key tool in creating Guest satisfaction and increased bookings. We’d recommend Clarity to anyone wanting an excellent system and first-class service”.