Consumers will choose a venue over another if it demonstrates it has surpassed government safety standards.

As consumers desire for travel and eating-out is dulled by the added stress and anxiety of potential exposure to COVID-19, clear steps must be taken to make their visit not simply safer but better. Introducing contactless temperature screening solutions like Therma-i, reassuring your visitors of your commitment to their safety.

How can you respond to the drop in customer confidence and alleviate customer anxiety?

With ever-changing government guidelines, consumers look onto businesses to go above and beyond the current regulations and demonstrate their commitment to making their visit as safe as possible. Communication is key at this stage.

Communicating and educating your visitors effectively about your safety protocols not only rebuilds their trust but sets you apart from the alternatives. Introducing cost-effective temperature screening, like Therma-i at the first point of visitor interaction within your venue signals to your guests that you take their safety seriously.

What makes Therma-i temperature screening different from other temperature screening devices?

Therma-i temperature screening utilises thermal imaging technology. Unlike common no-contact thermometers, Therma-i provides a temperature reading for the entire head rather than a single point. The display blends perfectly into any venue and requires no handling by a member of staff.

What we offer:

  • Fully automated no-contact temperature screening
  • Accuracy to 0.3 of a degree
  • No disruption to the ambience of your venue
  • Culturally sensitive temperature screening through head garments
  • Face Mask Detection

How can you introduce temperature screening to your venue?

At Therma-i, we have made introducing temperature screening to venues easier than ever before. With financing and outright purchasing options available, you can begin screening your visitors and staff within days.

Once your Therma-i is delivered, place the unit at your designated temperature check area, reception desks are perfect for our desk mounted screener. Once plugged in, Therma-i will be ready to screen within 30 seconds and temperature screens will take no longer than 3 seconds.

Learn more about temperature screening.

At Therma-i we utilise over 20 years of experience in safety technology to deliver innovative safety solutions. Visit our website to learn more about our technology and how we can help you demonstrate your commitment to safety to your visitors and staff.

Therma-i Temperature Screening Solutions

Therma-i is a simple and cost-effective temperature screening solution. No calibration or handling is required – enabling you to screen your visitors while maintaining safe social distance. The temperature threshold is pre-set to 37.8 C° and an audio visual alert will inform you of elevated temperature.

To learn more about how we can help you introduce temperature screening to your venue email us at or give us a call +44 (0) 845 862 00 40.