Cortec LED is UK manufacture of backlit illuminated marble and LED

Cortec LED is UK manufacture of backlit illuminated marble and LED illuminated text and signage. is now live introducing the advanced laser technology and LED products.

With more than 5 years’ experience of creating LED illuminated displays and a purchase of one of the most advanced galvo etching lasers in Europe, Cortec LED was born. At the beginning, Cortec only produced LED illuminated displays with custom logo engraving. Now producing many backlit products by applying materials to LED Light sheet manufactured in-house.

However, after producing LED Light Sheet, this highlighted a gap in the market where no one

“Very few vendors produce LED Light sheet and fix it to materials. But we love creating new and different looking illuminated products. It just adds a whole new dimension to materials; as they become visual displays.” Max, product manager of Cortec LED.

Backlighting creates really beautiful visual effects, Illuminating real stone becomes warm and alluring.

Illuminating printed images become uplifting and create energy, or depending on the print can be serene and relaxing.

The most popular backlit products:

Backlit LED Illuminated Real Stone, Including Real Marble.

Ideal for spas, behind drink stands or as a table surface.

Backlit LED Illuminated Printed Images

Multiple panels can be fitted to create LED illuminated feature walls


Backlit Display Units

Great for product advertising


Semi-Opaque Illuminated Printed Images

Ideal for dividing walls. Switching on the light decreases the transparency to create more secluded areas.

Cortec also manufactures unique and stylish Edge-lit Signage, with embedded LED Standoffs and laser etched images or text.

Edge-Lit Lasered Images
For striking and engergtic artwork

Edge-Lit Lasered Text
Perfect for branding, or directional signage