Cost effective call recording for hotels

The new Storacall-ST call recorder is a complete recording solution ideal for assisting hotels to manage operations. Hotels are always considering ways of improving the guest experience, increasing revenue and improving operational efficiency. Many areas of operation like reservations, catering, events planning and dispute resolutions are handled on the telephone.

Storacall recordingRegardless of how efficient operations are discrepancies will occur and determining who said what in a telephone conversation is essential. The new Storacall-ST call recorder enables managers to quickly search for a particular conversation via a number of parameters like time, date and duration etc. to find out information on the call or who was at fault to resolve a disagreement quickly. The handling of special requests professionally distinguishes a hotel from its competitors. These special requests can range from a person informing the hotel that they have allergies to having a bottle of champagne delivered to a room at a specific time for a celebration. In these instances calls can be forwarded as email attachments to Housekeeping to reduce risks of an oversight thus ensuring guest satisfaction and loyalty.

As well as having the ability to listen to calls again to ensure that guests’ requirements are being correctly handled having a call recording solution can also provide coaching and training for reception and other staff by using recordings of interactions with customers to ensure the way calls are handled is improved and that company policies, standards and procedures are being met.

annoying mobileIn HR departments telephone interviewing has now become a common tool for screening applicants before calling them for a face to face meeting and the use of call recordings allows review of these interviews. In addition in disciplinary situations recordings of calls can provide factual evidence as well as proof that the proper procedures have been followed in the event of dismissal situations

Storacall has over 40 years experience and our Storacall-ST system is a cost effective call recording solution which has the ability to record calls via handset, trunk, IP or any mixture of this technology.

Storacall-ST is available for outright purchase or on rental. A full information pack is available from Storacall Publicity on 01932 710710 or email

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