Creative Coatings

Creative Coatings, innovative masters of all types of wet spray finishes including Cold Liquid Metal, RAL colours, matte/satin/gloss paints, special effects etc plus many more.

For ten years, Rockabelly Lifecasts has been creating unusual bespoke items for interiors and exteriors that use moulds of the human body as inspiration. Until now, Rockabelly’s clients have had to choose between a range of traditional materials such as solid bronze or electroplated metals, which often proved risky and expensive.

Now, a creative partnership has been struck between the two companies and using Creative Coatings’ cold metal spray, Rockabelly has been able to create realistic and affordable bespoke art items that have the wow factor of real metal without busting the budgets of their clients.

Creative coatings can offer an exciting, tried and tested, cost-effective range of finishes for all your design ideas.

They offer a sprayable metal surface, which consists of up to 95% metal and feels, looks and ages like real metal. It can be applied to almost any surface material – from plaster to plastic, MDF to ceramics with a similar visual and tactile result to cast metal. Some options can even be patinated like real metal to simulate an antique effect or verdigris patina. They also offer sprayable high gloss finishes in any colour and a leather-look finish.

Alongside this Creative Coatings, also offer high end Paint finishes in any colour. Not restricted to RAL or NCS codes, they can match any colour with any gloss level required. If you require a finish just ask, and they will be able to help.

What about anodised finishes? They do these as well, so where you may need to manufacture something in MDF, Acrylic or Mild Steel, it can be sprayed to look like anodised aluminium. Their range of paints doesn’t stop there! They can even give you paint finish to look like their Real Metals, including Patina paints!!

As well as bespoke art and interior items such as those created in partnership with Rockabelly Lifecasts, Creative Coatings can also cover large surface areas or large architectural items such as pillars and plinths to give any room a vibrant, expensive-looking finish.

‘Every project inspires us and we always strive to meet every challenge,’ says James Fowler, Uk Sales Manager for Creative Coatings. ‘We have over 95 year’s knowledge in the spraying industry, and we love working with creative people to make their ideas come to fruition’.

‘Working with the stunningly beautiful metal finish options from Creative Coatings has opened up whole new creative worlds to us and our customers,’ says CJ Munn, proprietor of Rockabelly Lifecasts. ‘I have been looking for a reliable product like this for so many years, and have tried and tested all of their competition but nothing else has come close. The team at Creative Coatings has worked hard to make my clients’ dreams a reality, and they not only have the precision and reliability of the experienced technicians they are, but also the passion and imagination of artists. It is rare to find a service provider that can think like an artist or designer and therefore understand what we require and the unique pressures of the design industry, always hitting deadlines and budgets without faltering. The product itself is supremely beautiful and my clients not only marvel at its luxurious lustre but cannot resist handling and caressing every surface of the sculptures I have had coated in metal.’ For more information please visit the website or contact James Fowler

Working closely with interior designers, architects, Artists, shop fitters, contractors and Furniture manufacturers and suppliers. Creative Coatings ensure that the design is never compromised and that always provide the expertise and knowledge required to deliver truly outstanding results. For more information please visit the website or contact James Fowler

Creative Coatings is available to talk to you at any stage of a project, from concept through to the end finishing. With their expansive network of suppliers and customers, Creative Coatings can offer bother joinery and metalwork solutions for their coatings. This includes the manufacture of Table Tops, signage and anything that they can help with. They have already completed large scale projects, including work at The Shangri La Hotel, located in the Shard, and smaller scale work including the manufacture of Table tops for Furniture Designers.  For more information please visit the website or contact James Fowler

And recently Creative Coatings have struck a partnership with a Manufacturer of Mable Effect resins. This means Creative Coatings can offer more cost-effective solutions to Marble and Granite Work Tops, Shower Trays, Sinks, Table tops and wall panelling. If you have a requirement for this sort of this get in touch, they will have a solution. The surface is a hand made solid surface material, and is also known as ‘cultured marble’ or ‘imitation marble’. The final surfaces are extremely hard wearing and thanks to the protective gel top coat make it 100% water proof, nonporous, hygienic and easy to clean. Unlike tiles the surface needs no grouting, is 100% non-porous and extremely stain resistant. The surface is easy to clean and very hygienic.

For more information please contact James Fowler