Dennebos The World of Hospitality article.

Dennebos from Raalte is not an ordinary oak flooring company. The culture of the company is actually more like a ‘vocation’. The very fact that the founder and owner Jos Dennebos actually trained to be a forester, may explain this. Jos did this to simply satisfy his love for nature and his inquisitiveness and interest in the many different species of tree that surrounded him as he grew up in the beautiful green rural area of The Netherlands. 

Long before the advent of forestry standards like PEFC and FSC Jos Dennebos was treating trees as magnificent structures of nature, affording them the respect they deserve. That ethos is the foundation of Dennebos, the company that it is today.

Dennebos offer complete individuality due to to their unprecedented range of treatments and finishes. Each oak plank is hand-picked at the start of the production process, with each craftsman instinctively knowing which board will best produce the specific aesthetic required. The craftsmen working in the factory have been with Jos Dennebos from the beginning and learnt their trade through years and year of experience. These senior woodworkers are passing this trade on to Dennebos apprentices, making sure this artisan skill and unique eye for detail continues to represent the Dennebos brand.

Probably, as a designer when choosing wooden flooring for a project, the most important thing to think about is the availability of the natural material, even thinking about the yearly harvesting periods. Ironically some of the most popular colours such as ebony and deep walnut tones, are the most endangered within the natural habitat.

The Dennebos range includes numerous colours from the very lightest boards to rich dark shades. The Dennebos various finishing technique make sure that these popular darker colours can be very authentically recreated. The Dennebos techniques are complementary to the natural characteristics of the oak planks, enhancing the natural beauty. Choosing oak flooring from Dennebos means that you make significant and meaningful choices directly impacting the long term health and management of global forestry stocks.

We at Chroma Global Flooring Solutions are very proud to exclusively offer our own selection of ranges. We have supplied various types of projects, all very different applications from private residences to very large public space buildings. Each specification has been very different to suit the desired aesthetic, the performance requirement and of course the budget.

The very fact that Dennebos are a dedicated sawmill based manufacturer means that each plank can actually be constructed to meet any bespoke specification required. This can be done by for example by either increasing or decreasing wear layers. Also through selection of the boards with the least knots and use of complimentary fillers we are able to deliver the highest quality grade, known, as prime, which offers the coveted near perfect aesthetic which some projects and clients require. In contrast choosing a plank that keeps the aesthetic of the naturally occurring knots and grooves that are present within the structure of the oak. This is something that makes Dennebos very different to other oak flooring suppliers

So giving informed thought and time to your oak flooring specification means that you can really achieve a very unique and individual installation. The other thing that makes Dennebos very different to other oak flooring suppliers is that we Chroma, work closely ensuring that our clients are fully aware and totally understand the capabilities of the Dennebos sawmill. We can arrange visits to the sawmill to see first-hand the traditional hand crafted processes and quality control methods in place. This is especially important for those very large flooring projects where keeping focus on every aspect and attention to detail can make the difference to a trouble-free installation and happy clients.

There is no denying the appeal of natural oak floors and its popularity is growing. Talk to us at Chroma to discuss the practical and aesthetic benefits of using oak flooring within your projects and see how rewarding specifying oak flooring by Dennebos can be. Call Chroma on 0207 2516996 and visit us at  or our working showroom.