Design Clarity offer innovative interior design solutions across the hospitality and leisure sectors. We work with restaurateurs, retail centres, bar owners and café managers – from established brands to entrepreneurial start-ups and roll-outs – with people who place value on great design. For our hospitality clients, we create compelling spaces to heighten the customer experience and drive footfall. With the influx of social media our designs need to be not only functional but ‘instagrammable’ too.

Competition in hospitality sector is huge. There’s a vast amount of choice out there and expectations are higher than ever before. Customers are savvy and more discerning. Therefore, targeting is imperative for success. Knowing who your customers are in order to relate to them effectively is the key. Crafting detailed persona profiles helps to identify customer’s habits, rituals, likes, behaviour and interests. We work strategically to deliver solid and informed concepts that respond directly to this targeting. Our approach starts with understanding the target customers first and shaping hospitality brands and experiences accordingly through the right design language.

Millenials are eating out 2-3 times more than previous generations. They are looking for real experiences and have a lust for trying new places. All this means our ways of responding to customers’ needs to adapt to the pace of change. Restaurants need to look beyond the food. Millenials expect good food, but they’ll talk up a great experience. In fact, they are all about seeking the experience and sharing it online. Social media drives sales and empowers brands to engage actively with their customers. In order to create memorable, instagrammable experiences, we use storytelling. The stories diners want to hear about; the chef, the produce, the provenance, the technique, the environment, the giveback…

Identifying the right target customers, shaping a unique brand & experience, telling the right stories and making sure it sustainable is the key to a strong successful hospitality brand. Through our brand workshops, restaurant safaris and strategic design solutions online and offline, Design Clarity takes pride in working with creating new brands such as Fujisaki to working with food giants like Nando’s. We love hearing our clients’ problems and finding solutions together.

We’d love to hear from you too. Get in touch with our Business Development Director Isil Kusoglu at  +44(0)2074036132 for further information.

Design Clarity was the finalist at the 2017 Restaurant & Bar Awards for Browns Bar & Brasserie interpreted within a heritage building, the Bristol Library & Philosophical Institution.