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North America is one of the largest markets in the world and very expensive to enter, so having a guide helps! DMC is an expert at sales distribution for home furnishings and finding sales professionals to sell your products and services. Trade shows, Showrooms, Sales professionals and digital marketing, which is right for you?

Think of Design Management Company (DMC) as your “friend in the business,” because what does a friend do but lend a hand when you need help, and with the way things are in the interior design and home furnishings industries today, it’s easy to assume that you need some help. Whether it’s growing your business through entry into the North American market, or maintaining your position of strength by recruiting and retaining the best talent to work for you, we can provide the help you need to ensure your success.

North American sales distribution, while potentially very lucrative, is a complex maze fraught with costly, if not disastrous, pitfalls. To succeed in the U.S. you must make a number of decisions correctly, such as whether to open a showroom, attend trade shows and markets, hire outside sales representatives, as well as determine on which territories to focus. DMC can help you develop a promotional and marketing strategy to cut a path to the front line, to the most influential American interior designers and architects, and their clients. With over 20 years of industry work experience, we’ve made contacts, and in many cases friends, to introduce to you. If you’re interested in establishing your own networks in North America, start with ours.

DMC’s recruiting arm specializes exclusively in helping interior design and architecture firms, showrooms and manufacturers find the best people to work for them. We have over two decades of networking, resources and experience in your industry, so we understand your business, and your hiring needs. To ensure we put forward the highest quality candidates, we test their qualifications and skills and verify their backgrounds. We have the focus, expertise and the resources to find the top talent, eliminate the potential of a bad hire and ensure a perfect fit for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best—running your business.

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