Do You Give Your Guests the Ultimate Room Experience?

The world, and hospitality is changing and guests are wanting more from their experience in many ways.

Whether you are a 5* Hotel or a Bespoke Guest House, increasing the experience is essential to attracting repeat business as well as creating word of mouth marketing.

SHOBU helps to give your guests a natural aromatherapy spa experience in the comfort of their room.

SHOBU infuses the steam of the shower to create a sanctuary of tranquility and wellbeing through natures own pharmacy.

Imagine a guest who comes to you needing to sleep really well for an important meeting. They are feeling stressed and anxious about the next day and are just looking for that perfect nights rest. You listen, you take notice and you offer them a SHOBU Sleep Experience.

You explain to them that Lavender is known for reducing mental stress and anxiety, Bergamot aids in reducing nervous tension to ensure calmness, and Vetiver is incredible for its healing and soothing properties. They take your advice and know that you care about their stay and wellbeing.

Later in their room, they take a nice hot shower before bed, they take your advice and drop a SHOBU experience onto the shower floor.

They let the natural aromas infuse with the steam before getting in and just take the time to enjoy the incredible fragrance that surrounds them, immerses them, hugs them in the shower.

They feel all the stresses and strains start to melt away as the therapy of nature starts to flood the body with its own soothing remedies. They step out of the shower feeling relaxed and calmer than they have in long time.

As they open the door to the bedroom they notice that the steam enters into the room behind them and starts to fill the room with the wonderful aroma. They climb into bed relaxed from the wonderful experience they have just encountered and now they can rest in peace with a feeling of sleeping in a field of Lavender, Bergamot and Vertiver, for an incredible nights rest.

They wake up the next morning fresh and rested, relax and calm, and knowing that the day ahead will be a wonderful one, and the important meeting, huh, they’ve got it all covered.

They then tell their work colleagues in the next few hours that they had the most incredible nights sleep and experience at your residence, and they recommend that if they are looking for the best hotel in the area, then you need to visit your hotel.

SHOBU experiences have been created to enhance the wellbeing of the user, with a no mess, no fuss, but incredible experience result.

The initial idea came from two busy mums who wanted to make ‘Me Time’ easy and did not have time to use a bath bomb and wanted a home spa experience. They tested various options that were found on Google and in other environments, but never actually got the result and experience that they wanted to. An experience that not only made them feel pampered and special, but one that they didn’t want to clear up and left no mess.

The Greeks, Turks and Romans all used the essence of natures aromas through the power of steam for their healing and soothing properties. However, the true art of Aroma Therapy has been diluted by the use of Oil Burners, Candles, and Diffusers.

SHOBU helps to bring back the true art of Aromatherapy through the steam of the shower without the expense of creating a spa.

Breathe – Naturally let natures pharmacy ease that stuffy nose with Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Vetiver.

Awaken – Jump Starts the Day with Grapefruit, Geranium and Mandarin to enliven the mood.

Indulgence – Feels Like Nature is Hugging You with Camomile, Cardamom and Clove to indulge the sense for the complete spa like experience.

Refresh – Revive, Renew and Refresh the Body with Ginger & Nutmeg – A natural pick me up after a hard day.

Sleep – Lavender, Bergamot & Vetiver – Naturally reduces anxiety and calms the body for a great nights rest.

Seduction – Rose, Jasmine & Musk – Happiness surrounds you with this wonderful mood boosting blend to help the day be that little bit better.

SHOBU has been designed to be the no mess, no fuss, alternative to Bath Bombs. They infuse the steam of the show with carefully combined therapeutic combinations to leave your guests feeling great.

SHOBU will be exhibiting at the Spring Fair 2019 at the NEC from the 4th to 7th February. Come along and visit us there for more information, or to ask for samples, please email us at and visit

SHOBU – Turn Your Shower into a SPA.