EcoKnit® technology has the potential to transform the way you do business – reducing energy consumption by up to 40% and water use by 15%.

Towels are dry and ready to use much quicker, increasing your laundry capacity without the need to invest in additional dryers or extra stock. They also last two to three times longer than traditional terry towels, so need replacing less often.
The product pays for itself through energy and water savings, giving you the lowest laundering cost of any cotton towel available

EcoKnit® snag free quick drying towels are the most technically advanced energy efficient terry towels in the world, they are guaranteed to save you money

Are you tired of high laundry bills?
Waiting for towels to dry when you could be doing other things?
EcoKnit towels will dry 40% faster and use less energy and water, guaranteed.

Fed Up with your towels falling to pieces?
EcoKnit Towels are so strong and durable you can brush them with an Industrial wire brush!
EcoKnit Towels Will Not Snag,
EcoKnit Towels Will Not Fray,
EcoKnit Towels Will Not Fall to Pieces.
No More Wastage and throwing away towels.

EcoKnit Towels last 2 to 3 times longer than traditional towels.
Because of our unique construction providing extra strength and durability and our longer more plush pile, our towels have been proven to last longer.
Recent test on pile abrasion showed EcoKnit lasted 30,000 cycles compared to only 15,000 on a traditional towel.
SAVE MONEY – Buy EcoKnit ONCE instead of your traditional towel TWICE.

Who Uses EcoKnit
In case you were wondering who uses EcoKnit towels, well here’s just some of our customers:

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