About Johnson Tiles

Since our establishment in 1901, Johnson Tiles has grown to become the UK’s leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles. Today, from our home in the Potteries, we remain the most dynamic and creative force within our industry. We are consistently raising the bar in terms of inspirational design, imaginative use of materials, quality of service and innovative manufacturing techniques. All of which is underpinned by our award-winning quality and environmental leadership.

With well over 100 years of experience and history, our production facility produces the finest selection of ceramic wall tiles all made in the UK. Couple that with our in-house design and development team that travels the world to source additional products to enhance our portfolio further. All of which means we continue to deliver distinctive new products that serve both specification and consumer markets internationally.


Environmental Leadership

We have been at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing for over 20 years building sustainability into the heart of our company, long before it gained the central focus the world places on it today.

We have a fully integrated approach with pioneering ‘green’ initiatives, ensuring that every aspect of our business is subject to our strict Environmental Policy. Each tile we manufacture contains up to 20% ceramic waste as part of our ceramic waste recycling scheme, ensuring that our manufactured products meet the mark for eco-projects where sustainability is key. This also prevents 20,000 tonnes of ceramic waste material from being sent to landfill every year. Additional initiatives also focus on reusing waste process water, using low energy lighting alternatives and reusing and reconditioning our pallets. These measures, amongst many others, ensure our commitment to sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint across the business.

Over the last 12 months, we have driven our environmental commitment even further, focusing specifically on eradicating single-use plastics from our packaging. We have removed shrink-wrap from our product boxes, stripped away our PP strapping and replaced it with a corrugated card alternative. We have also substituted all pallet stabilisation items with a sustainable product derived from sugar cane. In doing so, we have positioned ourselves as the very first UK volume manufacturer to incorporate such innovative products, controlling our impact on the global environment. As a direct result of this campaign, within this 12-month timeframe we have seen our consumption of plastic fall from over 100 tonnes to zero – equivalent to 1.5 million single-use bottles.

Introducing South bank

As the latest addition to our product portfolio, designed and manufactured in the UK, South bank is a sleek new range of ceramic wall tiles. Available in 8 on-trend colours, and a new slim size of 245x75mm, South bank offers a transparent gloss finish possessing depth and variation of contemporary colour. The slim format allows for the creation of truly unique lay patterns to maximise the creative possibilities within any interior space. South bank features the signature colours of Azure, Blossom and Dusk which are underpinned by a complementary, neutral palette ranging from the subtle, calming Snow to the warmer hue of Pearl, allowing for the creation of diverse and harmonious colour combinations.

South bank will be making its debut on our website, www.johnson-tiles.com, and will be available for purchase from October 8th 2020.

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