EuroCave UK

For almost 40 years EuroCave has been at the forefront of the storage of Wine. With currently over 30,000,000 bottles stored worldwide EuroCave is a trusted brand that is handmade in France using the finest materials.

BURGUNDYWith a rich history in the hospitality industry EuroCave launched their Professional division and with that a selection of world leading storage and service devices such as the WineBar and the ShowCave. EuroCave Professional manufactures two Wine preservation products, one of which is also a dispenser, called the Vin au Verre and the Wine Bar. Both temperature controlled, both holding 8 wines with another 8 in reserve, they use EuroCave’s 40 years of experience in making controlling the service temperature of the wines inside.

EuroCave Professional also produces the stunning ShowCave cabinet. This product was designed as a bridge between a wine cabinet, and a ‘wine wall’and has been used in everything from high end restaurants through to supermarkets due to its ability to be made to look bespoke and blend in with the furniture.

EuroCave UK is also a reseller of the magnificent Zalto Glassware from Austria. Having sold these glasses for 7 years and helping the brand get to where it is today, EuroCave UK is still an excellent venue in which to touch, feel and admire the glasses…and to purchase them!

EuroCave UK can also help to create wine cellars using their unique INOA wine cellar conditioning system and handmade, French oak wine racking systems.

EuroCave-Logo-UK-PantoneEuroCave UK
Ben Austin, General Manager UK
0207 7935 4679
Showroom: 57, Chiltern Street, London, W1U 6ND


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