Manchester based textiles company, Evans Textiles, is delighted to announce the launch of it’s new innovative division, Bespoke by Evans. With the sole focus of improving consumer-facing environments through a core collection of designs, specialist performance fabrics, bespoke services and ‘total solution’ – the business aims to provide all the essential elements needed to meet the modern demands of hospitality.

Bespoke by Evans consists of a core collection of 6 contemporary designs in 7 fashion-inspired colourways. Ranging from must-have neutrals through to a rich palette of blues and greens, the collection aims to bring excitement and contrast to conventional interior design schemes.

“Aesthetically, each one of our fabrics stems from traditional designs and our collection responds to an increasing demand for a more modern, domestic appearance” comments Paul Callan, Managing Director of Bespoke by Evans. Each design within the collection is suitable for wide range of applications including drapery, upholstery and bedding. Irrespective of the function or space, the new fabric collection promises to deliver a relaxed, contemporary and homely sense of comfort for guests, visitors and staff alike.

Alongside the 42 interchangeable design options, Bespoke by Evans has a dedicated inhouse department of qualified designers that offer the ability to create and print unique designs on industry compliant fabrics. “As part of our commitment to customer excellence, our bespoke design service offers endless possibilities and enables hoteliers to have a real point of difference. All our fabrics are designed and printed within the UK ensuring the highest quality finished product.” added Paul.

Providing hard working fabrics that are ‘fit for purpose’ is key in meeting the challenges faced in hospitality. As a minimum, each one of Bespoke by Evans’ specialist performance fabrics are certified to British Standards for flame retardancy with additions including antimicrobial, waterproof and stain repellent properties. “It’s incredibly important to consider the impact of fabrics used for everyday items. For guests of a restaurant, bar or hotel, comfort, soft-touch textures and safety through flame retardancy are of paramount importance. However, it’s also important to consider the staff benefits of fabrics that are easy to clean, durable and waterproof.”

In addition to the contract fabrics, Bespoke by Evans has a truly unique proposition within the market with it’s all-encompassing ‘total solution’ – offering the ability to coordinate and match related soft furnishing and window hardware products to a particular design scheme. The significance of this ‘one stop shop’ approach ensures the essential items for restaurants, bedroom suites and bars are sourced from one trusted supplier and promotes time, resource and cost-savings.