Finally serve all the wines by the glass!

Coravin is an innovation award winning product that makes it possible to serve every single wine by the glass without any waste or oxidation. Increase your guests’ experience by giving them the opportunity to try multiple wines by the glass and offer personalised food and wine pairings which permits to globally improve your offer. By creating this experience you will earn higher revenues as well. Where you never had the possibility to sell all of your wines by the glass without waste or oxidation, now Coravin offers the solution!

It has always been a struggle; which wines are we going to offer by the glass? What would the guest prefer? The thinking about the experience you can and want to give your guests was an issue going on for centuries. Now there is no need to struggle anymore, since the solution is here: The Coravin™ Wine System!

Coravin™ is a one of a kind wine system that gives the possibility to pour wine without removing the cork, so you can enjoy the rest of the bottle another time without any deterioration in taste. Unlike other wine gadgets in the market, Coravin is the only wine system that lets you pour and enjoy wine without removing the cork, therefore it can’t be called a wine preservation system but a whole new category in itself.

Coravin is the brainchild of Greg Lambrecht, a man with a background in physics, mechanical engineering, and medical devices. Being a lover of wine, Greg was challenged while his wife was pregnant in not being able to enjoy great glasses of wine, without pulling the cork and committing to the full bottle. He tried preservation systems, but regardless of the preservation method, each time he pulled the cork, oxidation started and he’d have to finish the bottle or waste the remaining wine. His dream was to magically pour wine from bottles without ever pulling the cork, allowing someone to enjoy a bottle again and again, when they desired even if that is after a lot of years. And so after many years of trial and tribulations, Coravin was born.


How does it work?

The Coravin System inserts a thin, hollow needle through the cork. The bottle is then pressurized with argon, an inert gas that’s in the air we breathe. Once the bottle has been pressurized, the wine flows through the needle and pours into your glass. After your wine is poured, the needle is removed, and the cork reseals itself. The Coravin System works best with natural cork closures, including agglomerated or multi-piece natural cork and not intended for use on synthetic closures since they are unlikely to re-seal completely.


The Devices

There are currently three different Coravin devices on the market. First there is the Model One, the soft-grey with a bit of blue colored model has soft touch grips. The material used for this Coravin is mostly polyurethane, a sort of plastic. The Model One price is £199. The Model Two system has a modern look, in a dark graphite finish. The Coravin Model Two system has a new thin wall needle that pours 20% faster than the original needle, and locks into place.


Also the Model Two has a new properfit clamp that is easy to open and close. The Coravin capsule load cell technology makes installing gas easier. The price of the Coravin Model Two wine system is £249. The final system is the Coravin Model Two Elite. The Model Two Elite is available in three different colors: Red, gold, silver, all with chrome accents. So you can match your color with your personal style! The Model Two Elite also contains the thin wall needle, the properfit clamp and the Coravin capsule load cell technology. The Coravin

Model Two Elite is priced at £279,00.

Now it is possible to drink or serve every wine by the glass, the number of possibilities is huge. It is now possible to serve your most expensive wine by the glass without any waste. With this idea you can bring the guests experience to a level which they will never forget. Also it is now possible to create wine tastings, because it is so easy that you can switch between white, red or rosé at all times! Freedom to serve or drink what you want and whenever you want is now granted by Coravin!

More information about Coravin?

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