Today’s uncertain climate brings both challenges and opportunities for the hospitality sector.   Whether it’s meeting seasonal demands, managing temporary or contract workers, or retaining loyal employees, there are numerous hurdles.  But one problem that can be solved with a flexible approach to vehicle hire is how to keep staff on the road, getting to and from events, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Operating a fleet of vehicles can put pressure on an organisation’s bottom line, especially when considering factors such as depreciation, repairs and maintenance costs.  Securing the right vehicles for the right job also requires time and effort that can involve lengthy negotiation.  And buying vehicles often involves delays that can seriously undermine the delivery of services for customers.

Europcar Advantage long term hire provides businesses with a genuine alternative to ownership, offering access to brand new vehicles, at a fixed rate.  The benefits of Advantage are clear: 

  • No upfront deposit required
  • No long-term contract or early termination charges
  • No upfront vehicle maintenance costs
  • Access to the latest motoring technology
  • Low CO2 emissions


At a time when hospitality business owners could be concerned about potential financial risks, flexible long term vehicle hire offers an ideal solution. It provides organisations, regardless of size, with the flexibility of expanding or replacing their fleet without having a negative impact on cash flow.

All cars in the Advantage fleet are ‘business ready’, meaning business drivers can access the latest vehicle technology including, Bluetooth and SatNav.  There’s also a wide choice of vehicles to suit practically every business’s requirements – from compact and economical, to higher specification cars and vans.  And because all vehicles in the fleet are brand new, they provide greater efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

With a choice of four mileage options – from 1,000 miles to 2,800 per 28 days – businesses can tailor their Advantage package to their specific needs.

Crucially, Europcar Advantage enables hospitality businesses to stay in control of their budgets by eliminating the costs associated with owning a fleet, such as servicing and maintenance. With current rates starting from only £9.43 for a VW Polo, Advantage offers significant cost savings on the latest fuel efficient and lower emission models as well as incorporating additional expenses such as Vehicle Excise Duty.  For added convenience, businesses can choose to either self-insure or benefit from Europcar’s insurance cover.

Europcar Advantage is ideal for hospitality businesses that want all the productivity advantages of new vehicles – keeping staff on the road to meet customer demand – without any of the financial ties.   

To find out more visit Europcar Advantage Long Term Hire.