ScanBox has the most comprehensive range of insulated food transport carts on the market.

From hot and cold bulk food distribution, to individually plated meal holding for banqueting, the range of ScanBox products provides the most aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically designed solution. The robust and lightweight construction guarantees both manoeuvrability and resilience.

Full colour range, corporate logo and branding available. This visual exterior allows for back of house equipment to be used in all fronts of house environments.

You will be able to combine all the functions you need in just one box!

Ergo Line Range

ScanBox Ergo Line (GN1/1) is the perfect alternative for efficient distribution and cold/hot holding of food – e.g. during the busy lunch hours or whenever flexibility and easy operation are your priorities.

With quality in every inch and a solid shell protecting the details on the inside, our trolleys offer well-planned interaction of functions, high capacity when feeding the kitchen canteens and a remarkable ability to preserve the quality of food. The ScanBox food holding compartments need no additional electrical installations, just a single-phase socket.




Banquet Line Range

ScanBox Banquet Line (GN 2/1) is our range of insulated ergonomic boxes used for hot/cold holding and distribution of food in environments calling for a combination of quality, accuracy, style and high capacity.

The Banquet Line has been designed for large-scale gatherings – e.g. banquets and events – where sometimes thou­sands of people need to be served at the same time. The trolleys will be perfect if you do not always have access to a well-equipped kitchen. Thanks to our aluminium de­sign with its unique thermal holding capacity, the Banquet Line boxes keep the food just as fresh and tasty as when you put it in the box.



Corporate Branding – ScanBox Signature

In the same way we can adjust the functions or measures of our boxes to fit your needs, we can also make the boxes look the way you want them to. Do you have a special colour or pattern in mind? Everything is possible!

Place your logo on your trolley and you will have free advertising wherever they are being exposed. As an additional bonus when “tagging” your trolleys, they will be easy to find – thus adding functionality to the brand exposure!



Latest innovations – ScanBox Food2Go

By combining food transportation, holding and serving the Food2Go solution gives you a cost-effective and reliable link in your food distribution chain. Constructed with ScanBox unique Temp-Stop system the Food2Go is lightweight, robust and provides great food holding properties. The radiant coil based heating plates on the serving top makes sure the food is kept at perfect temperature while serving without unnecessary heat spread or loss.

The smart and easy way to fit accessories allows the Food2Go to be customised to your specific food distribution requirements. The cost-effective and intuitive technical solutions, the low energy consumption and the simple maintenance requirements gives a very low life-cycle cost and straightforward operating processes.





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