Frying, braising, cooking – and a little more too!

Gelsenkirchen, March 2017 – Frying, braising, cooking – also in sensitive temperature ranges -, keeping food warm and cleaning – these are the elementary functions a professional thermal appliance just has to have. The new multifunctional FEP 650 and FEP 950 Küppersbusch tilting bratt pans meet these very criteria. “People don’t need more – and nor do professional chefs.” says Daniel Dittmar, chef and owner of Dittmar Kooperation, where cooking courses, events and catering services are carried out.

“With our new multifunctional PremiumLine 850 tilting bratt pans, we cater for this very need – and even a little more too,” Managing Director Marc-Oliver Schneider knows. “True to our guiding principle – robust and reliable without any unnecessary frills.”

The cooking methods

Frying, braising or cooking – the new Küppersbusch multifunctional tilting bratt pans are flexible, and they can be used individually. Thanks to sophisticated technology, it is now possible to cook sensitive products such as rice pudding, desserts and sauces automatically, without any burning. “We have focused our attention especially on sensitive temperature ranges, since desserts and sauces are frequently produced in large quantities in institutional food facilities,” says Marc-Oliver Schneider.

Another advantage: the multifunctional tilting bratt pans keep the products at a constant temperature for any length of time without any deterioration in quality. “This is particularly important when food is produced early, before being served. The key words are hygiene and food quality,” says Marc-Oliver Schneider.

The controls

The multifunctional tilting bratt pans are operated with tried-and-tested KCI touch controls – KüppersbuschCookingIntelligence. Marc-Oliver Schneider: “We consciously decided in favour of uniform controls for the appliance lines. This means that kitchen crew members do not need to get used to a different system and, thanks to the icons, unskilled staff and staff who are not German-speaking can operate the appliances. And developers at Küppersbusch have also had some thoughts about the question of ergonomics: the KCI display is located at an ergonomic height and has been installed on an extremely sturdy supporting arm. It is also completely sealed to protect it from water splashes and condensation water. The Küppersbusch team has integrated a shelf for depositing GN containers right under the KCI controls. This makes loading the appliance with food and spices convenient. Unnecessary walking around by staff is thus reduced to a minimum.


It had already been decided at the beginning of the development phase that the new FEP 650 and FEP 950 multifunctional tilting bratt pans were to be completely

integrable. This means that the customary FEP 610 and FEP 910 tilting bratt pans can be replaced one-out, one-in with their multifunctional counterparts – without requiring any reconstruction measures or adaptation concepts*. “And we can integrate the multifunctional tilting bratt pans in an all-in-one worktop – i.e. also in an individual Palmarium range system. Marc-Oliver Schneider knows: “A decisive advantage, since stand-alone appliances do not correspond to our understanding of uniform concepts. The aim is to make maximum planability feasible.

The water intake

Küppersbusch likewise made no compromises when it came to the intake of water. Instead of an external tap, the water intake was integrated into the appliance direct on the side, above the pan. “No tap gets in the way, for example when the lid is to be closed,” explains Marc-Oliver Schneider. The exact amount of water required is automatically filled into the pan by pointing a finger, without the filling process needing to be monitored. “The multifunctional tilting bratt pans are supplied with a cold water intake as a standard. We naturally also supply them with a hot or mixed water intake as an option.


The tilting bratt pans are also multifunctional when it comes to cleaning. They can either be cleaned by running a semi-automatic cleaning programme, or with a retractable shower hose. Marc-Oliver Schneider: “Semi-automatic cleaning is ideal at the end of the day. Users have a choice of an easy clean or a thorough clean. Cleaning with a retractable shower hose is intended for a quick clean in between or when the pan is to be rinsed.”


The new Küppersbusch multifunctional tilting bratt pans come in two sizes:

FEP 650: W 1100 x D 850 x H 900 mm

FEP 950: W 1400 x D 850 x H 900 mm
* If integrated in a U-shaped channel



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