Funding of fit outs comes of age!

It’s the age old financing conundrum for anyone fitting out business premises:

  • The banks invariably look for security against freehold assets.
  • Their in-house finance companies are highly selective on what qualifies as a ‘financeable asset’.
  • The supplier-introduced companies tie you into that supplier and their trading terms.

Recognising these challenges and being customer-led Fit Out Finance take a different and holistic approach to meeting your needs.

We won’t cherry pick assets, nor will we dictate who you can or can’t buy from – indeed you are free to negotiate your own terms with your own supplier. You can even pay them and we will reimburse you.

Specifically as dedicated fit out funding specialists we can offer:

  • Funding up to 100% of the project cost.
  • Rebates against supplier invoices paid up to 6 months ago.
  • Staged / partial payments
  • Payment to non UK suppliers.
  • Short term funding to cover VAT and tax during development/financially strained periods.

Above all, Fit Out Finance is a small, independent business – you will deal with someone experienced and knowledgeable not a call centre or over-enthusiastic salesman.

You can call Mark directly on 07932 075754.

Or email him

Or make contact via livechat on our website – where you will also find our legal and compliance details.