Galiatea is a fusion of cultures and styles, of simplicity and sophistication, of natural beauty and human creativity. The name Galiatea is derived from the word Galatea (the mythical muse of art, created by Pygmalion as the “perfect woman”) and the word Gaia (signifying “mother of earth”). The name Galiatea is intended to be symbolic – the melding of “art” and “earth”, as represented by one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture and decorations from earth’s natural beauty (from lush alpaca furs of Peru to exotic woods of Brazil). By combining these two elements of art and earth, we believe that unique works of art can emerge, transforming an interior into a singular and fascinating space. 

In a world too often uniformed, each decorative element provided in this collection is designed to be absolutely unique. Those one-of-a-kind creations are carefully hand-picked by our in-house interior designer from handcrafted pieces elaborated by artisans, whose savoir-faire was passed from generations past, and whose raw materials are found in their local environment.


The newest collection of Galiatea was inspired by the most luxurious fur in the world: Alpaca. Integrating it into different applications in different types of seating shows the versatility and lush properties of this unique material. Not only is it considered one of the rarest types of furs due to the small protected population of Alpaca but its qualities distinguish it from the rest. Compared to other furs, it is not only stronger, lighter, water-resistant, inflammable, hypoallergenic, smoother but also incredibly luxurious.

Galiatea keeps searching for new ways to integrate unique and unconventional materials and traditional techniques in the furniture industry in a contemporary way.


Galiatea’s sole purpose is to bring exclusive hand crafted items from exotic parts of the world to the international market, to expand the appreciation of traditional techniques combined with new contemporary designs and to enjoy the best natural materials. This philosophy is perfectly reflected in this collection that has been launched on the international market with collaborating Brazilian designer, Fabio Stal. Each piece of this collection is fabricated by established design store, Vermeil.

Vermeil represents the essence of contemporary luxury, combining tradition and innovation to bring their customers the very best in high-end furniture. Vermeil’s furniture includes the finest woods and level of craftsmanship possible. Their unique customizable pieces embody the perfect blend of high end Brazilian design and a touch of vintage appeal with a contemporary fresh twist. The clean lines with the mixture of luxury materials such as “Pau ferro” veneer, “Pergaminho” and brass, among many others, are all details that make these pieces truly stand out.

Galiatea LLC

Contact: Sophia Clark